15 Easy to Use Photo Editing Tools

From advanced digital cameras down to the basic point-and-shoot models, it’s very easy for anyone to shoot and share their photos in seconds.

However, no matter how good you are with digital photography, there will be times when you’ll run into some issues with your photo’s size and quality. A solid photo editing tool will help you correct and enhance them quickly.

To help you find the best photo editor that doesn’t require a huge budget and skills to learn, we have gathered 15 of the best free and paid photo editing software that’s easy to use with tons of extensive editing features.


1. Picasa


What’s great about Picasa is that you don’t have to be an expert in digital photography to use it. This is perfect for those who can’t be bothered with learning the technical aspects in editing images.

It’s built-in editor features has the traditional resizing, cropping, color correction and a host of other cool effects that can spice up any images in an instant. Since most of its editing tools are pretty basic, it may not suit those who are looking for more sophisticated editing. Use the Picasa Web Albums to upload, store and share photos and videos.


2. Pxlr

Pxlr Photo Editing Tool

If you need a versatile image editing options for basic to advanced level without ever spending a single cent, Pxlr is worth a try. It comes with four different platforms to choose from:

Pixlr Editor is intended for advanced users who may want more detailed editing features. This can be a good alternative if you don’t have a budget for Photoshop.

Pxlr O-Matic shares some similarities with Instagram where it has a gamut of retro, vintage and hippie effects that will make any dull image look extraordinary. If you’re not careful though, it’s easy to get lost here what with its hundreds of borders, overlays and special effects.

Pxlr Express allows you to upload and edit photos from your computer, web cam and browser URL.  It has less editing options than Pixlr Editor and Pxlr O-Matic but if you only need just a few options to make a quick photo fix, this is more than enough.

Pxlr Autodesk makes it convenient for you to edit photos anywhere you are because this app can be accessed online or offline through its native app and the browser app.




Gimp is another awesome image editor tool that’s free to download and works like the other premium tools. Use this tool to edit, draw and retouch any image.


4. PhotoScape


Created by MOOII Tech from Korea, Photoscape is a versatile image editing tool with a fun user interface that lets you edit photos and other types of graphics easily. You will be pleasantly surprised that this impressive editing software is free and comes with several tools like photo viewer, batch editor, GIF animation, screen capture, color picker, RAW converter, face finder and many more.


5. Fotor


With Fotor, you can be your own photo editing expert even with zero skills. It has all the easy-to-use photo editing and beauty retouching tools options to make any casual users happy. It also has a Cover Maker tool that allows you to effortlessly create a cover photo for your social media profiles in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and others. Most of its background image are limited for paid users but their free choices will work just fine if you only need a simple image for your header or theme.


6. Canva


If you don’t want to design your own posters or business cards from scratch, Canva will help you take the shortcut and still get an amazing result. This free design software has a loads of free and paid templates to choose from and its intuitive drag-and-drop tool makes it such a breeze to enhance visual elements on  your images. However, Canva may not appeal to graphically inclined users who are looking for more elaborate design features like alignment tools and page grids. Even their built-in color palette is limited, but I think this is fine so you won’t overwhelm yourself with too many options.


7. PicMonkey


If you’re not yet on PicMonkey, then you’re a missing a lot on its  slew of photo editing, touch-up, design and collage features. Even with the free account, you get hundreds of options to manipulate photos to make them look like their edited professionally. Its Touch Up effects include teeth whitening, lip tint and blemish fixing so your selfies will always look stunning on Instagram.  To access more pre-made templates, make sure to upgrade to a premium account.


8. Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Photoshop Express is Adobe’s free online image editing service that lets you edit photos while on the go. Although this mobile app has fewer effects and filters than the software-based Photoshop versions, its user-friendly tools and high quality results all makes up for it. After you a quick photo fix, you can instantly post and share them to your favorite social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


9. Paint.net


Paint.net was the brainchild of Microsoft-mentored Computer Science students at Washington State University as part of their senior project. It was originally developed as a free software replacement to Microsoft Paint and has grown to include plugin support, layer composition, blending and other innovative features over the years. It is relatively easy to play around its image editor functions which makes this tool popular among Windows PC users.


10. Serif PhotoPlus

Serif PhotoPlus

When you download the free Starter Edition, you get wide a array of tools to import, edit and transform any photos into artwork. If you need a straightforward tool to adjust the color saturation, add effects and overlays, PhotoPlus will be everything you need.


11. iPiccy


iPiccy is a simplified online image editor that takes away all the complexity in photo editing.  It has a sliding rule that allows you to control the brightness, white balance, contrast and other options. It is somewhat similar to Microsoft Paint in terms of ease of use.


12. BeFunky


With BeFunky, you will never run out of creative ways to edit and enhance photos.  With hundreds of built-in editing effects to choose from, you can either touch up your photo to remove wrinkles, fix red eye and blemishes, add some quirky accessories or choose Chromatic filters for a dramatic effect. If you find yourself using this free online tool in the long haul, consider upgrading to get premium access to more effects, frames, collage templates and many others. Overall, BeFunky does a great job as a rich photo editing app that you can access anywhere–on mobile or the web.


13. Camera+


Just browse around the Apple App Store and you’ll find hundreds of photo apps for iPhone that promises to add major”wow” factor on every snapshot. Camera+ is  one of those apps that is seriously on top of its game for its precise layout and control. It fully supports the iOS 8 manual controls that allows it to adjust the shutter speed, focus, white balance, ISO and exposure compensation. This simply means you have good preview of what your photo would look like before shooting it. It also comes with a powerful post-editing features like shadows, contrast, highlights, cropping and other special filters.


14. Chisel


Want to express your creative side through visual quotes? Chisel is a free app that lets you create, edit and share your quote posts to your friends. You have the option to pick any ready photos from Chisel’s database or upload your own, then add text quotes, tweak it, save and share them with your friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. It’s as simple as that.


15. Photo Editor by Aviary

Aviary Photo Editor

Photo Editor by Aviary is a powerful photo-editing tool that combines stylized photo effects, fun stickers, one-tap enhance and traditional features such as color balance, sharpen, contrast, saturation, color temperature adjustments.  It is available on iOS and Android mobile devices so you can use it wherever you go.


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