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Watson: The Creation of the Genius Jeopardy Computer

Watson is an artificially intelligent supercomputer that can answer questions posed in natural language. IBM’s principal investigator, David Ferruci, led the DeepQA research project to create Watson. Its demonstration on the “Jeopardy!” show was a monumental breakthrough for the artificial intelligence community. Watson is the first supercomputer

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The Creation of Stephen Hawking’s Talking Computer

Dr. Stephen Hawking has lived with ALS since his diagnosis in 1963, soon after his 21st birthday. Although this degenerative disease has led to debilitating physical disabilities for Hawking, it has not prevented him from conducting groundbreaking research within the fields of cosmology and theoretical physics. In

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Getting Started With Genealogy on the Web

The study of genealogy involves delving into the recesses of personal family history to learn about ancestors from a variety of eras. By researching genealogy, you can learn fascinating and intricate details about deceased family members, including birth dates, where they were born, where they lived throughout

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Domain Names: What They Are and How They Work

Until recently, very few people outside of the technical community could identify a domain name, much less how to obtain one. Domain names are essentially the address of a person or organization on the Internet. They help users direct email traffic, locate websites, and establish an online

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History of the Punch Card

When it comes to modern technology, few things were more important in the early history of computers and automation than the punch card. Punch cards are forms of rigid paper or metal, usually rectangular in shape, that have holes punched into them in sequences that machines or

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How to Convince People to Attend Your Webinar

  Planning a webinar is a great way to push your brand as an authority in your niche and get new leads. Research has also shown that webinars or web-based training is an innovative platform to support the evolving learning needs of people beyond a physical classroom.

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Singapore Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Ambulance & Fire: 995 Non-Emergency Ambulance: 1777 Police Emergency: 999 Police Hotline: 1800 255 0000 Dengue Hotline: 1800 933 6483 Fire Hazard Reporting: 1800 280 0000 SCDF General Enquiries: 1800 286 5555 AVA Hotline: 1800 226 2250 SP PowerGrid: (to report a power failure) 1800 778

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A Chronology of Computer History

Modern computer technology offers a universe of conveniences. People can look for jobs online and even work from home via the Internet, while cutting edge technology enables doctors to do surgery on people from around the world. This is due to the abundance of modern gadgets including

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Ada Lovelace: The Founder of Scientific Computing

Ada Lovelace was a Victorian-age mathematician and countess who became the world’s first computer programmer. Her interests also included poetry, as well as pseudoscience topics such as phrenology, metaphysics and mesmerism. Along with engineer and mathematician Charles Babbage, she made the first technological and conceptual steps toward

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How to Write Effective Emails

    Writing emails is nothing new. It has been around for decades and it still remains as one of the most widely-used electronic means of business or personal communication. Whether you are writing to a boss or a friend, having the ability to compose an effective

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