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Common Web Hosting Problems and How to Avoid Them

It goes without saying that a good web hosting service is crucial in the success of your website and your online brand. No matter how good your business is, how awesome your product is or how amazing your content is, it won’t amount to anything if your

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Gauging a Good Web Host

The quality of service your web host provides determines the success or failure of your website and your brand’s online reputation. Before availing of a web hosting package, make sure that your provider is capable of providing the service and support you need for your site. The

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The Advantages of Multiple Domains

Besides web hosting, and your website, domain names are very crucial pieces of your online identity as well. Ddomain names are also considered by most people to be the brand’s name, hence there is a need for promotion and protection of the domain name itself. The primary

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Dedicated Server vs. VPS Hosting: Which is Better?

VPS, or virtual private servers, refers to virtual machines which function like dedicated servers. Here, clients can control different functions of the machine that they cannot in the normal shared hosting environment. (VPS hosting is considered shared hosting, albeit a modified version.) A VPS can be used

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Reasons to Change Your Web Hosting Provider Immediately

With the numerous web hosting service providers available on the Internet, you may have a hard time choosing just one. Web hosts are critical in running a website, and of course, you only want the best for your website. However, it is necessary to do some research

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How To Choose A Good Multiple Domain Hosting Provider

In today’s competitive online market, more businesses are looking to create websites to reach a wider audience. But sometimes, having one website is not enough. If you plan on expanding your business and reaching more potential customers faster, you may need to maintain several websites at once.

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Free .sg Promotion!

The usual price for a .sg domain is at $60/ year but we’re giving it away for FREE! To get a chance to have your own free .sg domain, just follow the steps on this page: >>> Win a Free .sg Domain Name <<<

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Last 20 Cool Single English Word Domains

The number of available domains that use English words is decreasing alarmingly. It’s true – there are only about 35,000 single English word domains left available (.com / .net). Of these, here are the top 20 that we think should be a part of your domain name

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Start A Business With Reseller Web Hosting

Many people wonder how they can start a web hosting business, but hold back because of the costs involved with hardware purchases, staff costs, and facilities rental. With all these costs around a full-fledged web hosting business, there is no easier way than just starting with reseller

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How To Choose A Great Domain Name

A domain name is a human-understandable address that will lead you to a website. It’s an easy-to-remember name, but behind the scenes, computers will translate the human-understandable address into a computer-understandable one. What’s an example of a domain name? Why, a great example would be “” of

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