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Social Media Shortcuts that You Should Stop Doing

  Everyone loves to save as much time as they possibly can in order to stay on top of their daily tasks. While using shortcuts can make work easier and faster, not all shortcuts produce the right outcome especially when you are considering shortcuts when engaging in

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How to Choose the Right SEO Company

Search Engine Optimization is a powerful tool to build your digital brand and web presence for your online business. Giving your customers the ability to search for your company online is an absolute must for any businesses in these modern era of the Internet. Here are things

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Using the Power of Social Media to Provide Customer Service

While leading social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have become the go-to platforms for marketing and promotion, they also emerged as important channels from which brands can have a pulse of what their customers are really thinking and feeling, and provide an easier access to social

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How to Build An Awesome Brand Without Breaking the Bank

  In a nutshell, branding is a marketing practice that identifies and communicates your product or service to existing or potential customers. It encompasses more than just using a business name, logo and design. A brand establishes a specific identity for your business and summarizes all aspects

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How to Establish a Successful Local Marketing Strategy

  Local companies or businesses that are not able to compete with their large competitors in other geographic locations can market locally in a particular area. It’s imperative for them to set a well-planned local marketing strategy to promote their brands to customers who may not know

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Content Curation Basics

  Aside from publishing original contents for your website, many content marketers are finding it more worthwhile to include content curation to enrich their content marketing strategies. Content curation is the process of discovering, filtering, organizing and sharing the most relevant contents from the web based on

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Growing your Audience through Content Marketing

  Gone are the days when traditional marketing used by businesses reigned supreme as they have shown to be less effective and obsolete to consumers. Savvy marketers are recently turning to other innovative marketing alternatives such as Content Marketing to position their companies as experts in their

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10 Tips to Attract More Visitors to Your Website

  When someone visits your website, can they easily identify what your company is all about within 10 seconds? If not, you seriously need to revamp your website so that it can directly communicate with your audience on the ‘what’ and ‘why’ of your company. Below are 10

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8 Power Tips to Grow your Email List Subscribers

Even with all the hype given to social media in bringing a valuable platform for engagement with your blog, email will never die out in preserving that contact with your online audience. Email subscribers are the lifeblood in bringing your marketing message across so it’s very important

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