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Five Lessons on Building a Great Brand Online

In a busy and chaotic marketplace, it’s easy for a product to go unnoticed no matter how great it is. When your brand goes online, it’s on the busiest and most chaotic marketplace. You’d be easily buried into irrelevance if you don’t make a good impression. Here

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Colbert Prepares A Sandwich Using a Speedskate At The Winter Olympics

Funny 😀 You can’t help but wonder if this is part of some viral campaign that Colbert’s thinking of, but it sure is funny. Source: the daily what  

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Planning A Long-term Strategy

Sometimes business goals take a longer time to come to fruition, but this boy takes the cake for defining “a long-term strategy”. Funny!

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How To Promote Your Website And Get More Visitors?

Getting more visitors to your website is what everyone wants. However, generating traffic is not easy, considering that your competition is the billions of websites all over the world. The following are just some tips that you can follow to boost your website traffic, and increase the

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Innovative Viral Marketing Techniques (Facebook Easter Egg)

Getting traffic to your website is probably the hardest part of online marketing, and finding new and innovative methods to generate buzz that gets more visitors to your website is something that companies always do. Facebook has recently put in an Easter egg into their website that’s

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