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The Family Guide to Online Safety

The Internet has provided people of all ages with a wealth of information and access to a wide variety of items in the world. Through the world wide web, people can purchase items, communicate with others anywhere in the world, review information and an endless other possibilities.

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Cyber Security Tips for Teens

The Internet is a great place to get in touch with friends, play games, and even do homework. There are many ways to get online, including laptops, desktop computers at home, and cell phones. This is great for teens, but it’s also scary, too. That’s because there

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Safe Internet Browsers for Kids

Life has never been the same since the emergence of the Internet. Anyone who has ever tried searching in Google might see themselves unknowingly browse photos, videos or sites that are inappropriate especially for children. While the Internet has made sharing of information much faster and easier,

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Safeguard your Digital Life with a Strong Password

  Just last month, a highly disturbing security bug called Heartbleed was exposed that allows hackers to penetrate into servers and obtain the victim’s personal information. This bug affects OpenSSL, a data encryption standard commonly used between a user’s computer and the server. The best way to guard

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How to Stop Spam Emails

Many of us are bombarded with hundreds, if not thousands of junk emails or spam everyday. Anyone with an email account can be at risk of getting them as spammers are now more ingenious with spamming than ever before. Spam are especially annoying when delivered in huge

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Common reasons why CMS based websites get hacked

1. Predictable login and database credentials. Login and database credentials that are very common like ‘user: admin’ and ‘pass: admin123’ or ‘user: yourdomain_db’ and ‘pass: yourdomain_db123’ are destined to get hacked. Common brute force tools will default to generate the ‘admin’ credentials on CMS administation panel. Make sure you

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How To Fix OsCommerce Attack – Infected Files With base64_decode Code

OsCommerce is a free, open-source e-commerce script. Widely popular, this also means that it is widely targeted and susceptible to hacks and attacks. One recent major OsCommerce attack happened on September 4th 2009, where a large number of unpatched OsCommerce websites were hacked/attacked. This attack involved inserting

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Scam Emails About Registering Domain Names and Trademarks

Increasingly, we’re seeing more and more clients seeking advice on certain emails that they’re receiving. At first glance, these emails appear to be from a well-meaning Internet firm. The emails come with a friendly warning that someone is trying to register domain names similar to their company

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How To Stop WordPress Attacks on Your Blog

WordPress is a great software, but to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience, some security measures must be taken. One great WordPress security plugin is WordPress Firewall. WordPress Firewall is a simple enough plug-in to use. Just install, activate and you’re good to go! It automatically blocks

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