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Top 10 Awesome Social Media Plugins for Small Business Owners

You probably have seen those little colorful buttons displayed either on top, the left side or below the website page. These buttons are usually logos of popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter which allows the visitor to easily share the content to their social network. Social media

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15 Easy to Use Photo Editing Tools

From advanced digital cameras down to the basic point-and-shoot models, it’s very easy for anyone to shoot and share their photos in seconds. However, no matter how good you are with digital photography, there will be times when you’ll run into some issues with your photo’s size and quality. A solid photo

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30 Best Free WordPress Themes

If you’re on WordPress, you know how easy it is to set up and manage your company website or personal blog using this popular CMS platform. Its growing popularity has inspired the creation of thousands of well-designed themes specifically made for websites powered by WordPress. When you’re

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NASA Releases a Captivating Timelapse Video of the Sun

In it’s 5th year of space exploration, NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory releases mind-blowing detailed images of the sun like you’ve never seen before. From 2010 to 2015, this time-lapse video captures  2,600 terabytes worth of images taken around the clock, at more than once per second. This massive amount of data

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Heat Map Microwave Lets You Know Exactly How Hot or Cold Your Food Is

While the rest of the world is doing its best to make everything around us smarter (smartphone, smart TV, smartwatch…you know the drill), microwave is one of those household appliances that remains the way it was from the time it was invented.  NASA engineer and inventor Mark Rober decided to change all that

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Pixel Art Hair is the Latest Hair Trend To Watch Out For

Style Masters show América #xpresionpixel #stylemaster #revlon #xpresioncreativos #xpresion A photo posted by xpresioncreativos (@xpresioncreativos) on Jun 11, 2014 at 10:47pm PDT           X-Presion, an avant-garde hairstyle studio in Madrid, Spain is at the forefront of an innovative hair coloring trend called #xpresionpixel which

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Make your Own Microphone Using a Matchbox and Pencil Lead

Microphones may seem like a daunting piece of gadget but this video will show you how incredibly easy it is to build one at home. Aside from a small matchbox and pencil leads, you will also need a battery, electric wires, alligator clips and stereo headphones or speakers–piece them together to

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Google Shows its New Robot Dog that Can’t be Knocked Over When Kicked

Boston Dynamics, a tech company acquired by Google in 2013, introduced Spot, their new robot dog creation that can navigate on a rough terrain. It is the smaller and more agile younger sibling of BigDog, a quadruped robot. Spot is electric-powered, hydraulically-actuated and weighs 160 pounds. It is exceptionally creepy

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GoPro Camera Shoots Curious Baby Owls Dance-Off

Wildlife photographer Megan Lorenz secretly left her GoPro HERO3+ camera to capture a pair of burrowing owls dancing on her front yard. This video may have tons of clever editing done to go alongside the hip hop beat but there’s one thing you can’t deny–these adorable critters sure got some smooth moves right there.

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20 Outrageously Cool Kitchen Gadgets

When a regular knife and chopping board just won’t cut it (pun not intended), thousands of tools are designed each year to save us some prep time in the kitchen. And that’s good because who would want to waste precious time dicing onions, right? While some kitchen gadgets are useful for meal preparation, others will

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