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Five Annoying Features to Keep Off Your Website

Build your website with your audience in mind. With this rule of thumb, you can create a site that’s user-friendly, has good content and consequently, will attract and retain visitors. So it’s time to retire the following practices that don’t help at all with these goals. 1.

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How To Check CPU Utilisation On A Linux System with Multiple CPUs

CPUs are like the brains of a computer, and a Linux-based system is no different. If a Linux system is busy with a process, it can’t process other requests. In the end, these requests will have to wait until the CPU is available. This situation becomes a

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How To Solve The Trailing Slash Issue In Htaccess

A particular site had VBulletin installed within a sub-folder (/forums/) and it had a problem with parsing URLs. The following chunk of code was the contents of the .htaccess file. What it did was to redirect all non-www URLs to their respective URLs with www. appended to

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Why You Should Think of Incorporating SEO Techniques into Your Website

Contrary to popular belief, creating an SEO plan after developing a website is not a good idea. SEO tactics should be planned before creating your website because by basing your website’s features on your plan, it becomes integrated as a whole and not just an afterthought. However,

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How To Solve Permissions Issues With LOAD DATA

With MySQL, loading a file is much more efficient than performing a long list of insert statements. If you’re on a CPanel account, however, you may notice that you get error messages similar to the following when you try to load a file into MySQL. ERROR 1045

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How To Use .htaccess To Set Server Environment Timezone For PHP Files

All servers have an inbuilt timezone, and this may have to be changed, especially if you’re running a locale-specific or timezone-specific application. One way you could change your settings is to configure each PHP file to use a certain timezone, but if you’re sure you want all

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How To Configure AWStats And Prevent The AWStats Conf File From Being Overwritten

AWStats is the de facto standard in web traffic statistics software. It’ll rip through your raw log files and compile all the information, presenting them in pretty tables and charts. I use AWStats a lot, but it was only recently that I found out that AWStats actually

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Fastest Supercomputer Made in China

Supercomputers are valued for their capabilities to solve problems critical to national interest, and in mainstream business. The fastest supercomputer ever made was recently built by a Chinese research facility, overtaking the United States, and firmly placing China as a technology superpower. The supercomputer was developed from

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Remaining IPv4 Address Space At Critical Levels

IPv6 adoption is at a critical phase, with a record number of IPv6 addresses distributed. While IPv6 is nowhere near that of IPv4, a lot of current-day infrastructure has support for IPv6 built in. AMSTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS–(Marketwire – October 18, 2010) – The Number Resource Organization (NRO)

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Microsoft Readies New Windows Phone 7 Launch

SEATTLE/NEW YORK (Reuters) – Microsoft Corp’s last-ditch attempt to reclaim its prominence in the smartphone market won favorable early reviews on Monday, but it may come too late to claw back customers from Apple Inc and Google Inc. The world’s largest software company, along with network carriers

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