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China Net censorship could start trade war with United States

U.S. politicians have responded to China’s threat to Google by announcing a bill that would try to pressure nations with trade sanctions. A bill introduced Thursday, the One Global Internet Act (PDF), would require the federal government to identify “priority” Internet concerns overseas. Then the U.S. Trade

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Which Country Wants To Jailbreak Iphones The Most?

Pingdom recently released an article on “Where jailbreaking iPhones is most common”. Jailbreaking is a process where the original Apple software is replaced with a hacked version, allowing for unapproved third-party applications to be run on the iPhone. People do this because it allows them more functionality

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Chinese Fake iPad Hits The Markets

The Chinese have just released the new iPed or aPad, another tablet computer. It looks exactly the same as an Apple iPad but runs Google’s Android OS instead. From the videos, operating it is nowhere as smooth as the iPod, but it’s amazing how fast knock-offs can

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Facebook Has New Privacy Settings

Facebook has just announced that starting today, it will: Provide an easy-to-use “master” control that enables users to set who can see the content they share through Facebook. This enables users to choose, with just one click, the overall privacy level they’re comfortable with for the content

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Yahoo!’s Carol Bartz Tells Arrington, “F*ck Off”

In an interview with TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington, Yahoo! CEO Carol Bartz swears and disses TechCrunch. Arrington’s not being the innocent interviewer though, as he was clearly pushing Bartz, and doesn’t seem like he’s putting his invited guest in a good spot. On the other hand, Bartz is

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How To Display Chinese Characters Properly With WordPress

If you’re trying to display languages other than English on your WordPress blogs, you may encounter problems displaying them properly. We had some issues come up with clients who wanted to display Chinese characters on their WordPress blogs, but got “???” instead. The way to resolve this

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Creative Storybook App For The Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has opened many doors for creative people, and this app is by far the most creative one that we’ve seen so far, mainly because it’s an amazing way of presenting what print has been trying to do for the last few hundred years. Check

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How To Learn RegEx Fast

Regular expressions are very useful if you’re a programmer or a productivity freak, but can be confusing initially. However, if you’re good with regular expressions, then you can save a lot of time and effort. A regular expression, or regex, or regexp, is a string of characters

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Creative Advertising With Street View On Google Maps

Google’s desire to map out the entire earth, especially street view, is amazing. And it also brings about some pretty creative ideas: I’m not sure if it’s coincidental, but it’s definitely a pretty creative way to use Google Maps!

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