Digital Trends in Asia – What Does this Mean for your Business?

digital trends

Digital trends stem from the dynamic changes in consumers’ behavior and needs. This massive shift has been happening around the world at an accelerated pace. In the Asia Pacific region, digital technology is already at the tipping point.

According to an infographic created by Go-Globe, Asia accounts for a whopping 45.7% online usage of the world, with more than an estimated number of one billion Internet users. In 2014, China clocked the highest Internet usage around the world, with more than 600 million Internet users.

This unprecedented growth in Internet usage is due to the extensive smartphone adoption in the region. Asia Pacific has the fastest growing smartphone penetration, with Singapore boasting the highest smartphone usage at 87.1% .

Below are the 4 key digital trends that highlight actionable opportunities for you to develop a stronger engagement with your customers. Which of them do you think will bring the most impact for your business?

Digital Trends in Asia

Mobile messaging apps will revolutionize the way brands reach their consumers.

With rising consumer expectations, brands are reciprocating with mobile messaging apps, not just for communication, but as an all-in-one solution. It’s a key trend predicted a long time ago, but the growth in mobile app usage is so huge that it can no longer be overlooked.

Messaging apps will no doubt continue to dominate and captivate the mobile-savvy Asian consumers. WeChat, China’s popular messaging app has reached 600 million active users by the end of the 2nd quarter. Japan’s Line hits 202 million monthly active users (MAU) to date.

Another thing that’s interesting about the Asian market is its fondness for mobile apps that offer multiple features. WeChat, Line and KakaoTalk have gone beyond free calls, messages and cute stickers. They now offer other services such as games, in-app shopping, daily deals, payments, and more.

How can you apply this opportunity to your brand? Know your consumers’ preferred communication method and partner with the right platform that can improve customer engagement.

Visual Marketing will continue to grow

Visual marketing is the new trend that allows brands to gain popularity quickly. Thanks to platforms like Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube, visual content consumption is on the rise among the young millennials.

A powerful visual marketing should produce as much positive attention for your brand as possible. Consumer brands must explore new strategies to engage with their audience through visuals. Use Insta ads (Instagram), Promoted Pins (Pinterest), and video ads (YouTube) to get on the social trends.

You will see more Ad Retargeting

Your site may get thousands of daily traffic, but just a small percentage of that will convert on their first visit. Ad retargeting works by using browser cookies to keep track of your visitors.  This is followed by showing your ads on other websites they are visiting.

Why is this effective? The repeated exposure keeps your company on top of your visitor’s mind.  More than 90% of marketers surveyed think that retargeted ads is just as effective as doing search ads on Google.

In the world of digital marketing, use every possible way to maximize the value of every visitor. Retargeting allows you to make the best second impression to potential prospects, and convince them to return to the conversion funnel.

Hyper-Personalisation will go mainstream

In the past years, companies tailor their message based on the consumer profiles gathered from third-party providers. But the advent of social  media and other digital medium has made it possible for personalized messages to the right person at the right time. This increases conversion rates at the same time.

You’ve probably heard about hyper-personalisation and how most brands are now maximizing it to get a more in-depth understanding of their customers’ needs.

Take for example, Myntra, a fashion app-only e-tailer based in India. They rely on hyper-personalisation to transform their app as their customer’s go-to personal style adviser for their daily fashion decisions.

Personalised recommendations, deals, products and other content are served based on the user’s geo-location, date, pictures, browsing and purchase history. Myntra understands well that every customer has different style preferences and with the help of hyper-personalisation, they can provide the right product that suits their customer’s taste.

To be on top of the competition, you need to align your marketing strategies to what your target customers need. While hyper-personalisation may be time-intensive, it will work at maintaining a meaningful engagement and lasting relationship with your customers.

Check out this infographic with stats that further proves that Asia is a promising market where you can take advantage of different opportunities for your business.

Digital Landscape in Asia

What Does These Digital Trends Mean for your Business?

These digital trends are meaningless unless you exploit it for your business. They key here to focus on opportunities that will bring the most impact for your brand. Make sure to choose which one echoes your goals and start customizing these trend-driven opportunities to deliver the right message to your customers in the Asia Pacific.