Singapore Emergency Contact Numbers

Emergency Ambulance & Fire: 995
Non-Emergency Ambulance: 1777
Police Emergency: 999
Police Hotline: 1800 255 0000
Dengue Hotline: 1800 933 6483
Fire Hazard Reporting: 1800 280 0000
SCDF General Enquiries: 1800 286 5555
AVA Hotline: 1800 226 2250
SP PowerGrid:
(to report a power failure)
1800 778 8888
NEA Hotline: 1800 225 5632
Floods or Drain Obstructions: 1800 284 6600
Building & Construction Authority: 6325 7191 /
6325 7393
HDB Essential Maintenance Service Unit (ESMU): 1800 275 5555 /
1800 325 8888 / 1800 354 3333
Drugs & Poison:
6423 9119
Weather: 6542 7788
City Gas :
(for any issues regarding gas leakages, or disruptions)
1800 752 1800

The Singapore Police guarantees that your 999 call will be answered within 10 seconds, and in urgent cases be on the scene within 15 minutes. For non-emergency matters, you can use the Police hot-line or contact the relevant Neighbourhood Police Centre that the situation is located within. Click here for a listing of Neighbourhood Police Centres in Singapore.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) is an organisation with the main roles of providing rescue, fire fighting, and emergency ambulance services. SCDF emergency ambulance services will take the patient to the nearest public hospital, or also known as a “restructured” hospital. Calling 995 in non-emergencies will result in a fine. For non-emergency medical situations, call 1777 for a private ambulance.

Click here for a list of private and restructured hospitals in Singapore.


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