[INFOGRAPHIC] Drive Sales with a Well-Constructed Content Marketing Strategy

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Have you began your journey into Content Marketing? Content Marketing is what companies look at now to generate site traffic and increasing conversion rates, with it helping with SEO practices and lead generation. Gone are the days when traditional marketing efforts by businesses capture a “share of mind”; customers are expecting so much more from businesses, other than just covering their paint points or reaching their expectations. According to the infographic posted by Express Writers, 9 out of 10 organisations are currently marketing with content, with 27 million pieces of content being shared on a daily basis.

According to author Christian Fisher, share of mind is a type of marketing “aimed at establishing a brand firmly in place as the first brand people in a market think of when they need what the brand offers.” With content marketing, it connects businesses to their customers, creating an engagement or connection that amplifies the effect of share of mind in this era.

Marketers have to understand that traditional marketing is getting less effective on its own, and look to integrating content marketing in their work. It is imperative that you look at assigning a budget for content marketing; be it for the designing and creation of a new blog site, or hiring qualified writers and designers to construct quality content.

To let you have a better idea on the amount spent for content marketing, be sure to check out the infographic by Express Writers below. You may be in awe with the value that big brands place on content marketing, and this emphasis is not slowing down anytime soon.

[INFOGRAPHIC] The Big Content Spend – How & Where Are Brands Placing Their Content Budgets



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