Build a Successful Online Presence for your Local Business

Build a Successful Online Presence for your Local Business

Do you own a business in your area? Now is the best time for small business owners to take advantage of the growing potential of e-commerce to attract potential customers to their local store.

It used to be that traditional marketing (TV, print, radio, brochures, billboards, etc.) was the no.1 trusted platforms to promote a business. Today, digital marketing proves to be the most effective way that offers a better return on investment since it is cost-effective and performance is easily measured.

Today’s article will highlight how local companies with a limited marketing budget can build a strong online presence for their business.


Effective Ways to Promote Your Local Business

Optimize Online Presence

No matter what the size of your business is or the industry it belongs, you shouldn’t go without a website. You can choose a simple design but one that is packed with all important information that your customers need to know about your business.

For example, a dog grooming website should include their location, hours of operation, list of services, price and contact information. Attract more traffic and engagement by including relevant blog posts and links to your company’s social media profiles.

It’s so easy to create a basic website. For starters, you can use WordPress — a free content management platform where you can manage content, upload photos or videos and install plugins and theme designs. Check out this article – A Step-By-Step Guide to Building a WordPress Website , to know the steps of creating your own website.

Adding an online shop can also help boost your sales as more consumers now prefer to do their shopping online. In fact,  an annual survey conducted by comScore and UPS revealed that roughly 51% of consumers make their purchases online.


Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

As local searches are increasingly done on mobile devices, it makes more sense to provide users with the best mobile experience. A website with a responsive web design will automatically adapt according to screen size and layout of the user’s device.

It will be easy for search engines to load your site’s web pages on desktop and mobile screens. It will not only give great experience for users, but it can boost your site’s ability to rank in search engines.


Optimize Business for Local SEO

Optimize Business for Local SEO

Having your site listed on search engines can be overwhelming as there are bound to be thousands of other businesses competing for the same keywords. But do not worry, search engines will always support local businesses. It understands that a visitor will most likely prefer search results for products or services that are nearby.

When optimized well, a local business can get equal exposure, and in some cases, higher rankings in search results compared to global businesses. We suggest that you read an article we’ve written about this topic – Effective Tips for On-Page SEO Strategy in 2016 – to guide you on how to better optimize your site with On-Page SEO strategies.


Email Marketing Done Right

Local Business: Email Marketing Done Right

According to a research from ExactTarget, approximately 77% of consumers prefer emails over social media for permission-based promotional communication. Email marketing can help reinforce relationships with customers through promotional deals or personalized content.

We suggest that your content should not center only on your products; but also to make it more personal and establish a connection with your customers.  


Be Active on Social Media

Be Active on Social Media

Almost everything might be digital nowadays but there there’s no real replacement for human interaction in business. Social media is a perfect platform that humanizes technology; local businesses should use this as a tool to reach out to their customers.

Be active on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and initiate conversations with your customers. It’s also a powerful tool to enhance engagement as well as customer loyalty.

But you don’t have to be on all out on social media network. Not only is it time-consuming, it’s a counterintuitive approach to reaching your customers. What you can do is research the social network where your customers hang out the most and start using it.

Facebook and Yelp are great apps for attracting potential customers to your local shop. Encourage check-ins and ask customers to leave reviews to your page. This will help spread awareness about your business and provide feedback that you can improve on.


Measure Results

Get a Global Presence for your Local Business

To know whether your digital marketing strategies are successful or not, you need to set goals and measure the results. Track what type of promotion and content that encourages response from customers. Check other websites that help promote your local shop.

The good thing with a small business is that you have the advantage pivoting your marketing strategies to the right direction you want it to go. Of course, it will take a lot of testing but once you find your winning formula, things will run much more efficiently.

Using free analytics tools like Google Analytics, you can monitor every aspect of your company’s online presence. Track referral traffic, page views, no. of sessions, bounce rates, viewer demographics, overall traffic and so much more. Use these data to pinpoint which areas need improvement and what changes that can be done.


Get a Global Presence for your Local Business

There are different ways for your local business to gain traction in search engine results and social networks. Use these tips to help you build in your authority in your niche. Above all else, it’s important to stay remarkably positive that your customers can’t help but engage with you.

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