Top 6 Things You Are Missing Out By Not Working In an SME


Everyone who works for a company knows that staff benefits and welfare play a huge part in your working life. No matter which type of company you work for, there will be some form of benefit offered to you. SMEs offers you more hands-on experiences and a greater room for career growth and opportunities. Company structures are typically less defined, and that allows for a lot of cross-functional and cross-departmental collaboration.

Here are the top six benefits you could get from working in an SME.


  1. Work-life balance

With a smaller team to manage, SMEs can easier enforce work-life balance policies and ensure that workers indeed have a work-life balance. Having a work-life balance is important not only for the individual’s health and relationship, but also for the company’s benefit as workers may be more efficient at work. The Singapore government, specifically the Ministry of Manpower(MOM), recognizes this importance as well, and they have been striving to work towards having more manpower-lean initiatives and balanced work-life strategies, as these are increasingly essential for firms to stay competitive in a tight labour market.

How we do it at Vodien:

Flexible Work Arrangements At Vodien, work schedules are very much flexible! You get to choose your preferred timing to come in for work and also a choice to work from home 2 days of the month.  

Casual Dress Code Tired of formal office wear? Tired of thinking of what is appropriate to wear to work? Wear whatever you feel like wearing any day! (Just no shorts though, those assets need to be protected from prying eyes!)  


  1. Greater Learning Experience for Everyone

Firstly, being part of an SME provides much room for career growth and opportunities. Your job scope could be more varied and there might be many opportunities for you to carry out responsibilities beyond your assignment. There is less rigidity in structure and with a smaller workforce, tasks may be shared amongst employees and these tasks may not correspond to their original job scope. The ability for you to contribute and work on multiple different projects is a benefit that many people appreciate, as it allows you to experience how different functions of a company operate, and broaden your skill sets.

How we do it at Vodien:

Professional Training Employees are encouraged to sign up for training and courses relevant to their field of expertise. We provide professional training via a mentorship program whereby staff are trained by others whom are more experienced and skilled in the targeted area. They will act as mentors, and who better to teach the new employees than the veterans of the company themselves!


  1. Effective Communications within the team

Effective communication is easily one of the greatest difficulties for businesses around the world. In an SME, better communication between you and the management team is greatly possible. In a smaller company with lesser layers in the corporate structure, there is lesser red tape if you need to contact the management. With better communications, work can get done more easily and efficiently, and you can get to learn more from your superiors.

How we do it at Vodien:

Monthly Town Hall Meetings A monthly town hall meeting is held, with a somewhat informal atmosphere, so that everyone in the company can come together and give their updates and freely share their thoughts. This is a way to maximise the welfare of our workers as any issues will be addressed and solved. For new staff hires, the town hall meeting will be a means for the rest of staff to know the person better. The floor will be opened, all questions will be entertained and our new staff member will be assimilated into the Vodien family as smoothly as possible.


  1. Closer bonds and better cohesion amongst colleagues

Since SMEs have much more manageable staff strength, you are bound to know most of your colleagues in the company and know them better as well. With better relationships with your colleagues, there will be more teamwork within the company and that will translate to a better work environment and thus, better productivity. Morale is also boosted when everyone is working well together.

How we do it at Vodien:

Team Bonding Events To help enhance cohesiveness, company bonding events are held every three months. For example, we had fun team activities such as laser tag, and escape room in 2016. All our team members have this burning competitive spirit and we set ourselves to be better than one another, regardless of the type of event!

Monthly Birthday Celebrations Birthdays are special days and we know it! Sing a song and blow your candles as a birthday celebration is done every month, for people sharing birthdays in the particular month.


  1. Simplified Organisational Structure

Next, hierarchy in SMEs is flatter which also facilitates communication and a more open work environment. Some SMEs adopt an open office concept, where everyone sit together without cubicles. With a flatter hierarchy, it also means that it is easier for you to share your thoughts and ideas and give suggestions on company issues. You can share your thoughts and ideas and give suggestions on company issues.

How we do it at Vodien:

Open concept culture Teamwork and communication is highly prioritised in the office, no one is sealed away in an office by themselves but rather, at a desk where everyone can converse and mingle. This also facilitates our relatively flat company hierarchy, whereby communication is further bolstered.


  1. Taking care of employees’ well-being

With a smaller workforce, it is easier to monitor and implement policies that will benefit everyone. It is easier to know what the employees need as a whole and thus the company can roll out specific plans to cater to those needs and improve staff welfare. This in turn will give employees a better work-life balance.

How we do it at Vodien:

Weekly Fruit Cups We promote a healthy lifestyle for our staff by having fruit cups every week! The weekly fruit cups come as a surprise for all our team members, with random selection of fruits based on seasonality! After all, fruits are a fun way to provide energy and vitamins that are required for a healthy lifestyle.

Pantry funds A monthly sum is set aside for all sorts of beverages and snacks to stock up the pantry. Want your favourite snack to munch on? Fret not, employees get to choose their preferred snack or beverage each month. Say bye bye to hunger pangs and thirst and say hello to your favourite drinks and snacks!

Plants and Greenery Studies show that introducing plants to the office reduces stress and cleaner air to breathe. The office is filled with plants to create a better work environment and increase happiness.


For most SMEs, employees are the backbone of the company. Hence, it is important to keep employees happy and create an enjoyable work environment for them to work in. This is where company benefits come into play. There are many benefits working in SMEs and most of them aim to increase the happiness and welfare of the employees, or to improve the morale of the team. We have listed six benefits above that you might not know about and real life application via Vodien’s staff welfare policies. So, the next time you are offered a job position in an SME, look out for such benefits that you never knew existed!

Do you work in an SME and enjoying a benefit that is not listed above? Please let us know by dropping a comment in the comments below!