Why Customers Switch to Vodien from Other Web Hosts like AWS

Why Customers Switch to Vodien from Other Web Hosts like AWS

Every now and then, we get emails from customers who want to migrate their sites from Amazon Web Services (AWS) to Vodien.

Most of the reasons for the decision to migrate can range from steep price to issues with performance.

This article is not intended to undermine AWS. We just want to explain why moving your website to us will be worthwhile to grow your online business.  

For the uninitiated, AWS is Amazon’s flagship Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. It spans more than a decade of computing infrastructure.  

They offer a wide array of cloud based web services. These include computing, storage, networking, content delivery, business productivity and whole lot more.  

Just like AWS, Vodien (that’s us) offers optimised infrastructure and managed web services.  We provide shared web hosting, cloud VPS, dedicated servers and colocation services.

Both are viable IaaS options because they adjust according to real-time demands. However, it’s important to understand your business requirements before making a big decision.

Make sure to take stock of other options beyond the price. Reliability, speed and customer support are just a few of the critical factors that will make or break your website’s web hosting. Here’s a rundown of the reasons why Vodien makes a good, if not the best, alternative to AWS.

Reasons Why Customers Switch from AWS to Vodien


There’s no arguing that AWS is considered as one of the big guys in the cloud-based technology. They are one of the pioneers in the cloud industry for many years now.

But, its broad set of cloud products comes at a hefty cost. Its impact is most notably felt by startups or small online businesses. According to Blippex Blog, AWS was a great option for startups like them.  

But here’s the caveat. While it was cheap at the start, it gets more expensive as they add more servers to cover for more traffic, disks and other resources. They estimated to shell out $1,000/month (S$1,446) just to have their site hosted by AWS.

While $1,000 maybe peanuts to companies like Netflix (which is an AWS-powered site), it’s difficult to justify this steep price tag for startups like Blippex.

Nowadays, any startup is lucky to survive beyond two years. To remain financially stable, expenses like web hosting should be well within a startup’s tight budget.

Ideally, startups may want to first  take advantage of the cost benefits between shared hosting and dedicated servers.

This is to give them a generous amount of allocated server resources without sacrificing speed and performance for their customers.

For as little as $68 (S$99) per month, our Cloud VPS Value Plan can help you run a resource-intensive website (video, image and e-commerce sites).  

If your traffic starts to pick up steam later on, then you can look into upgrading to dedicated servers for maximum reliability, speed and availability for your website.


Customer Support

If you don’t have an in-house tech support staff to fix issues with your web hosting, who do you turn to?

All our managed web hosting solution comes with free 24/7 tech support via phone or email. This is on top of all the premium features you get with your service. From a simple billing concern to website migration, we don’t charge you to speak with our support team.

On the other hand, Amazon has tiered pricing for their customer support based on the client’s usage charges. As usage charges increase, they earn volume discounts with their AWS Support charges.

Now, there are pros and cons between free and paid support. Not all free customer support are bad. In the same way, not all paid ones are guaranteed to better than the other.

It all depends on what your priorities are and if you have the budget to sustain such expense in the long term.

Admin Management

One of the reasons why some of our ex-AWS customers switched to us is because everything about managing websites and applications is simple and easy to understand even to non-techies.

Whether you are a newbie or an advanced user, we will walk you through the steps or you can make a simple search on our Knowledge Base for hundreds of DIY web hosting tutorials and guides. 


In Summary

Considering these factors, we can’t say that there is a one-size-fits-all cloud solution to every user. We suggest that you take inventory of what you actually need and then upgrade your service on your way up.

Amazon may be a go-to option for companies with a slightly more advanced needs. But, for startups and personal websites that need a web hosting service that’s easy to configure, affordable, and has a reliable customer support–then we are worth a try.  

If you need more details on how to get started, we’re always available to answer your questions. Let us help you scale your online business for success. Just click on the link below.