Which Vodien Web Hosting Plan is Right for You?

Which Vodien Web Hosting Plan is Right for You?

When launching a website, there are crucial steps you need to follow in order for it to work. First, you need to create a domain name, choose a website platform and of course, subscribe to a web hosting plan.

If you’re still undecided on what hosting service you should use, Vodien has several options for you to choose from. The three most popular type of web hosting plans are: shared hosting, VPS cloud hosting and dedicated hosting.

Top 3 Vodien Web Hosting Plan

Shared Hosting Plan

Among all the web hosting services, this is the most widely used and least expensive. Shared hosting allows users to share hosting resources in one server. This is ideal for small to medium websites with moderate traffic. Although you are sharing space with other users, you will still have complete control over your website.

Our WebValue Basic Web Hosting Plan comes with free 5 GB disk space and 10 email accounts per year. Rate starts at S$10 per month (or S$120 annually). All our web hosting plans from WebValue to WebUltimate include: weekly backups, unmetered bandwidth, web-based control panels, MySQL databases and 24/7 customer support.

Vodien Web Hosting Service - Shared Hosting Plan


Business Hosting Plan

Our Business Hosting Plan is similar to Shared Hosting. The only difference is that it features more disk space, email boxes, and a dedicated IP and SSL. You are guaranteed lesser users are housed inside a single server and this means more dedicated resources are allocated to you as compared to Shared Hosting. This is intended for serious business owners who want premium features at an affordable rate.

Vodien Business Hosting Plan


Dedicated Hosting

If you’re hosting sophisticated cloud-based apps or expecting a consistent high-volume site traffic, then this one’s for you. From the name itself, dedicated hosting server is dedicated entirely for your own use.

It allows more flexibility and control because you’re not sharing hosting resources with thousands of other clients. You have complete control of what scripts, operating systems, applications and hardware to use.

With Vodien, you can choose between Unmanaged and Managed Servers. Both run on high-performance dedicated servers that ensure maximum availability and faster speed.

Vodien Dedicated Hosting


Virtual Private Server (VPS) Cloud Hosting

VPS hosting is a cross between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. It has similar features with dedicated hosting but at a budget-friendly shared hosting price. Think of it as owning an apartment unit (your own VPS space) in a shared apartment complex (main server).

This is ideal for those who need a web hosting service that’s scalable, flexible, secure and fast. It automatically replicates your website on three networks so that downtimes will be the least of your worries.

How does its redundancy works? If you ever encounter hardware issues, one copy will continue to function while the other two copies will work around to fix the issue. Our VPS cloud hosting plan lets you scale your server resources in a secured environment with direct 24/7 access to our cloud hosting professionals.

It features five service tiers: VPS Value, VPS Plus, VPS Expert, VPS Elite and VPS Ultimate. Each one offers different levels of hosting resources. Get up to 24GB guaranteed RAM, 480GB disk storage, and 5TB bandwidth. In addition, activation fee is waived and you get a one-click installation for WordPress sites.


Vodien VPS Cloud Hosting


Get the Right Web Hosting Plan

Whatever your budget, we have industry-standard hosting plans with features that suit every kind of business needs. Your choice for the right hosting service will depend on your site’s business model and the goal you want to achieve.

In summary, if you have a resource-intensive and high-traffic website, a dedicated hosting is more appropriate than a shared hosting plan. If later on, you need more resources at budget-friendly rate, you can look into upgrading to VPS cloud hosting plan. The latter is better suited for hosting needs that’s aimed at maximum availability and scalability. You get premium grade servers that allows you to manage your website effortlessly.

You can check out with our SuperSupport specialists to get an in-depth comparison for each Vodien web hosting service. Our mission is to match our clients with the best service to help them grow their business. Click on the link below to get in touch with our team at no commitment.