Vodien Website Migration: How We Do It

Vodien Website Migration: How We Do It

Migrating thousands of websites on a monthly basis is one of the many things we do here at Vodien. We have a dedicated team of Migration specialists handling websites and email transfers to Vodien, ensuring a seamless migration experience. We offer website migration service free of charge as part of our onboarding process for our new/existing customers.

While site transfers are generally manageable to do, what’s challenging is when we’re moving websites hosted on another web host. Moving to another web host is just like moving to a new home. You can only say you have successfully moved if it’s done right.

There are crucial variables involved. When moving to a new house, you need to search for a new location, work with a real estate agent, prepare your belongings, and move all your stuff physically to your new place.

It’s similar to site transfers–only it’s done digitally. So, you purchase a new hosting plan, audit all website essentials, create a full site backup, transfer to the new host and let your domain point to your new host’s DNS (Domain Name Servers). We believe some of our customers want to know how it’s done, so we’d like to share that with you.

The Website Migration Process


While we do most of the actual migration process, we also need our customers to prepare some things before the transfer is done.

At this point, we recommend you don’t inform your current web host that you’re moving to a new host until you have prepared your full site backup, made some SEO audits for your site and purchased your new hosting plan.

Here are some great pre-migration articles to read before making the transfer:

Aside from doing a full backup, make sure to note down other information like MySQL authentication details, email account settings, usernames, passwords, etc.

Then, contact our web hosting specialist to buy a web hosting plan of your choice. They’ll help you activate and migrate your hosting account at no extra cost. After signing up, we will send you a welcome email. You’ll need that email when migrating your site soon.  

Domain Ownership and Transfer

Before you could even move your site, decide whether or not you want to switch domain registrars, too. There are two scenarios you need to consider:

  • Switch domain registrars – This is when you want to transfer your domain to another domain registrar (example: from GoDaddy to Vodien). All domain settings remain the same, but questions about billing and domain account will be routed to your new domain provider.
  • Keep current domain registrar – You can stay with your current domain provider but only to have the nameservers pointed to Vodien’s domain name server (DNS). Update it to the following nameservers:




If you want to register your domain or switch domain hosting to us (from another domain registrar), we can expedite that process along with migrating your website. It normally takes around 6-48 hours for domains to propagate on the Internet.

Migration of Databases and Files

So, now you’re now ready to migrate your site. You have the option to either do it yourself (if you know how) or we can do it for you.

For DIY migration, here’s an outline of what you need to do:

  • Download all website files and emails from your old web host.
  • Upload them via FTP with the IP address found in the welcome email we sent.
  • Set up all databases, email accounts and other configuration settings through cPanel (we use it as our control panel).
  • Add your domain name to your cPanel and point it to Vodien servers.
  • Test it if it’s working by visiting your site’s URL or domain name.
  • For email accounts, you need to recreate email addresses and import your email backups using an email client.

If you want us to do it on your behalf, send us an email for a website migration request. We will need you to have this information ready (from your existing web host):

  • URL link to access existing web hosting server, and login credentials
  • URL link to access your Webmail for your email services
  • Email accounts: all email addresses (from previous web host) and passwords.
  • Web Hosting Account Expiration Date

Our website migration experts will work on your request on the next available schedule, to ensure minimal downtime at non-peak hours. We highly recommend you don’t change your domain name’s DNS settings until all website files and emails are uploaded completely by our support team. Otherwise, you might encounter some serious downtimes and we don’t want that to happen to you.

Post Migration

After moving your site, test if your website is working properly. Additionally, check if your domain and email accounts are also working and pointed to your new site location.

If everything’s working as they should, then you’re all set and ready with your new Vodien web hosting account.  If not, feel free to get in touch with our customer support team to assist you with any issues.

New Beginnings at Vodien

Starting over is not easy and that’s why we make our website migration process fast and simple for our customers. We want to welcome you onboard with access to the right tools and support so you can set up your site in no time.

With Vodien’s Hosting Migration Service, we will help you make that big switch effortlessly while reducing downtime. Click on the link below to get started!