Vodien Weekly Recap: Latest Scoop on WordPress and iPad Pro



WordPress Used On 25 Percent Of All Websites [Report]

According to a recent data gathered by W3Techs, WordPress now powers 25% of all websites worldwide. Considered as the top choice for Content Management System (CMS) for most websites online, it is closely followed by its equally popular rivals – Joomla and Drupal.

According to WeTech’s spokesperson Mattias Gelbmann, WordPress has shown tremendous growth in the recent years and there’s no sign of it stopping it as most sites in the top 10 million is created every 74 seconds. WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg said that they are extremely pleased with where WordPress is heading, but he still sees a huge potential for growth for WordPress in the 57% of websites not using any CMS.


iPad Pro: Pros and Cons of Apples’s Largest Tablet

Apple’s latest tablet – the iPad Pro, is now out in the market, but it didn’t go without its share of criticisms. Patrick Moorhead from Forbes said that the iPad Pro displays the same look and feel as the latest iPhone but can be too clunky to work with for many hours. Jon Gruber from Fireball added that this tablet’s specs are almost the same as Apple’s Macbook lineup that is equally as powerful as other tablets and notebooks in the market.

The iPad Pro features 12.9 inch display, a 2,732×2,048 pixel resolution, faster A9X procesor, 32 GB to 128 GB storage spaces, touch sensitivity, and features an Apple Pencil, Apple’s version of the stylus which is sold separately. Just like most Apple mobile devices, it doesn’t come with a MicroSD card slot. All in all, the tech experts agree that iPad Pro is only good for graphics design, video editing or if you’re looking for a touch-screen table for work or school.


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10 Essentials for Launching a Business While Juggling Your Day Job

Is it possible to achieve your business dream while working a full-time job? It is possible! But be prepared with the challenges that comes along with it. Managing time between your day job and side business venture will be one of the toughest challenges you need to overcome. Here are some practical tips shared by John Rampton on the best way you can manage your business while still working full-time.


Banks expected to adopt new technologies rather than be overrun

It comes as no surprise as to how the disruption caused by new technology has an overarching impact on all types of industries and banks are no stranger to it. Mark Smith, CEO of bitcoin cryptocurrency startup Symbiont.io foresees big banks such as JP Morgan Chase and Co. to adopt new technologies to potentially reduce costs for their  critical business processes like securities investment and commercial loan processing.

JP Morgan ‘s Chief Executive Jamie Dimmon said that he warned their shareholders about new competitors from Silicon Valley and the best they can do is learn or work in partnership with them.

However, some things will remain the same. While electronic transactions are the new norm in banking, Sam Shrauger, VP of Visa, Inc. said that cash and and other paper check transactions will remain a staple in moving money.


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61 LinkedIn Tips For Business: From Beginner to Power User

LinkedIn is one of the best social media platforms that you can use if you’re looking to grow your business online. Here are 61 tips that will skyrocket your growth on the LinkedIn network whether you’re new or a power user. From etiquette tips to optimizing your profile to attracting ideal clients, this article shows you how your brand can shine on LinkedIn and engage with your prospects.


7 Ways to Gain Lifelong Customers after Making a Sale

Entrepreneurs spend most of their time on optimizing their business for conversion and sales with little attention given to what happens after making a sale. Keep in mind that gaining the customer’s trust and loyalty is equally important as generating a revenue for your business.

According to a study done by Mattersight, just a single bad customer experience will cause 70% of the consumers not to buy from the same brand again. This blog post will share with you why you should give customer experience a serious thought and ensure that you have your customer’s trust and loyalty after they purchase something from you.


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Digital Trends in Asia – What Does this Mean for your Business?

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How To Run a Successful Social Media Ad Campaign

While traditional media proved to be effective for advertisers in the past, the exponential growth of social media surpassed it as one of the effective platforms to reach new customers. In fact global brands are projected to shell out an estimated $540 billion for their ad spend budget. If you want to diversify your ad strategy and venture into social ad campaign, check out this article for you to grow your ROI from your social media ad strategy.