What is CDN Hosting?

When someone accesses the content delivery network, they will either access the file on the server nearest to them, or the server with the least current load, resulting in lower latency and faster download speeds.

In addition, you'll also enjoy the benefits of load balancing across our global CDN, and also enjoy hardware redundancy, so that a single server unavailability won't cause you downtime. To sign up for our Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting, please contact us and we'll guide you through the steps.

Who Can Use CDN Hosting?

CDN Hosting, while technologically complex, is specifically designed so that it doesn't require additional infrastructure or technical knowledge on your end. If you have a website - and it doesn't even have to be on Vodien's web hosting - you will be able to use our CDN services.

CDN Benefits

Not convinced? Here are the top reasons why people choose Vodien's CDN services:

 Any web hosting acccount

Our CDN Hosting supports any web hosting account, even if you're not hosted with Vodien

 Minimal application-side changes are required

You don't have to re-code your website, or make any major changes to use our CDN Hosting

 Instant setup

You start to experience the difference in bandwidth and speed almost immediately

 Up to 10x faster performance

Pages start to load almost immediately, videos stream without lag, images appear instantly - these are all benefits that you will be able to experience

 Lower bandwidth costs

CDN bandwidth is not just faster, it's also cheaper than typical web hosting bandwidth

 100% SLA

The distributed nature of CDN allows us to promise 100% availability of your CDN service

 On-demand, scalable capacity

No hard limits - Get as much bandwidth, when you want/need it.

To sign up for our Content Delivery Network (CDN) hosting, or to get more information about CDN Hosting, please contact us and we'll guide you through the steps.

CDN Benefits

Data Transfer Rates
100GB to 500GB S$0.50/GB Per Month
800GB to 5,000GB S$0.40/GB Per Month
8,000GB onwards S$0.30/GB Per Month
Pay per use (Minimum 25GB) S$1.00/GB Per Month

CDN Speed Test

See how fast a page with 320 images loads with CDN hosting

Do you need more Information about CDN?

Full List of Vodien CDN Edge Servers

The following is a complete listing of all our edge server locations throughout the world. This represents where visitors can get your website content from.

Continent City
Asia Bangalore
Asia Batam
Asia Chennai
Asia Hongkong*
Asia Jakarta
Asia Kaoshiung
Asia Mumbai
Asia Noida
Asia Osaka
Asia Seoul
Asia Singapore
Asia Tokyo
Australia Melbourne
Australia Sydney
Continent City
Europe Amsterdam
Europe Copenhagen
Europe Frankfurt
Europe Helsinki
Europe London
Europe Madrid
Europe Oman
Europe Paris
Europe Stockholm
Europe Vienna
Europe Warsaw
Continent City
North America Ashburn
North America Atlanta
North America Boston
North America Chicago
North America Dallas
North America Los Angeles
North America Miami
North America New York
North America Philadelphia
North America San Jose
North America Seattle
Continent City
South America Barranquilla
South America Buenos Aires
South America Medellin
South America Quito
South America Rio de Janeiro
South America Sao Paulo

*Hong Kong is only available to Premium Asia subscription routes, kindly contact us to get more information.

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Nanyang Technological University
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