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[INFOGRAPHIC] 100 Websites that Rule the Internet

100 Websites that Rule the Internet
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These are the top 100 websites, ranked by traffic, in the United States, according to data from Alexa. We have color-coded them so that you can see at a glance how many of the top 100 sites are about banking, streaming (videos, music, etc.), and more!

We’ve grouped websites into categories based on what is the most likely reason their traffic is so high. For example, Indeed.com is a business-oriented website, but it is most often used as a search engine for job listings. Yelp could be called a business or social media site, but we’ve categorized it as an informational database because we believe that most visitors probably use it as such: a database of reviews.

Each circle’s size indicates how highly ranked within the top 100 a website is. The largest circles are within the top 10, the next largest are within the top 20, and so on.

You can also see which websites are connected as businesses. For instance, Alphabet Inc. owns Google, YouTube, and a few other sites. These websites are grouped together and included in a larger bubble labeled with the organization they fall under.

All these websites did not begin as the behemoths they are today. Start your own website and build your brand with our web hosting services today. Perhaps your site will be the next one on this list!

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