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Dedicated Server Hosting

Raw dedicated server power at your disposal

Ultimate hosting experience with Vodien dedicated servers, allowing you to handle the most intensive workloads as per your requirements. Get full access with the highest system resources for your web applications, websites with maximum availability.

Fully Dedicated Servers

Vodien's high performance dedicated servers provides you with the latest hardware for guaranteed top performance at the best price. Choose the servers that fit your needs and enjoy low-commitment service contracts.


Self Managed Servers

1 x Intel Xeon Quad Core x3323
4 GB ECC Memory
2 x 250GB SATA
5 TB
$283 / mo

Managed Dedicated Servers

1 x Intel Xeon Quad Core X3430
8 GB ECC Memory
2 x 300GB SAS (Raid 1)
5 TB
$498 / mo
2 x Intel Xeon Hex Core E5-2420
24 GB ECC Memory
4 x 600GB SAS (Raid 10)
5 TB
$902 / mo

Looking for other server configurations? Contact us for more solutions.

Every Dedicated Server includes...

  • Intel multi-core processor

    Powerful Intel CPUs providing reliable performance for your web applications.

  • Choose your preferred OS

    Deploy either AlmaLinux, Rocky Linux, Ubuntu or Windows operations systems as per your needs.

  • Root administrator access

    Full access and control with your dedicated IP.

  • Low-commitment contracts

    You do not have to worry to pay for long-term contracts, go monthly for your bills.

  • Super fast storage drives

    Enjoy greater performance, flexibility and scalability with our SAS hard drives.

  • All-in-one control panel

    Get full control over your applications, websites, emails and files in one panel.

  • Free infrastructure management

    24/7 dedicated infrastructure team for storage, performance and hardware administration.

  • Proactive monitoring

    Service faults and uptime availability are constantly monitored for you.

DDoS Protection

All managed servers have basic protection against Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) attacks, protecting your service from downtime when there is a network flood attack on your service.

Fastest SAS storage

Disk I/O operations typically cause slowdowns, which is why we use 15,000rpm SAS technology, which are up to 10x faster and more reliable than conventional drives.

Install whatever you want

It's your dedicated server. We give you complete root-level access so that you can install any application, plug-in, library, server component, anything!

Rapid scalability

With our server technology, you'll be able to move to a bigger or smaller dedicated server seamlessly, without having to reconfigure applications, move files or edit your DNS!


Self Managed Server

Managed Server

Managed PRO Server

Operating System Choose your own OS AlmaLinux 8 AlmaLinux 8 + cPanel/WHM
Control Panel - cPanel cPanel
Root Access yes yes yes
Initial Software Setup yes yes yes
3rd Party Application Installation - yes yes
Upgrade/downgrade of Apache & PHP - yes yes
Proactive Service Monitoring - yes yes
Local Backup - yes yes
Email Services Configuration - Up to 20 accounts Up to 50 accounts
Customization of Apache,
- - yes
spamGuard (Up to 1 Domain) - - yes
Installation of Firewall,
Software & Anti-Malware
- - yes
Hardware Replacement 6 Hours 6 Hours 6 Hours
Network SLA 99.9% 99.9% 99.9%
Self Managed
Managed Pro

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