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A.I. Sentry

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The threat of cyber attacks and security breaches rises as the years go by with the empowerment brought about by technological advancements. Let Vodien secure your online property, giving you a peace of mind.

Security Implementation for Web Hosting

A.I. Sentry

A.I. Sentry is an all encompassing security implementation, developed and used by Vodien that seeks to protect our users against DDoS, hacks and malware attacks, disruptive cyber attacks that could cripple and tarnish our customers’ online identity.

A.I. Sentry covers 3 sectors, namely Application Security, Network Security and Bot Defence Security, and is available for all shared hosting plans.

A.I. Sentry
Application Security Application Security

Offers security against:

  • Hacking attempts
  • Virus attacks
  • Defacement attempts
Network Security Network Security

Offers protection against:

  • Distributed Denial of Services (DDoS) Attacks
Network Security Bot Defence Security

Offers safeguards against:

  • Brute-force attacks

How A.I Sentry protects you

Security implementations are well in place for all different types of plans available at Vodien. A.I. Sentry is a unique implementation set to safeguard all our web hosting customers. Customers on our shared Web Hosting plans can expect enhanced security coverage against bot attacks, hacking attempts and other similar threats.

A.I. Sentry A.I. Sentry
Machine Learning

Machines Learn to Fight

Machine Learning

The fight against cyber threats never stop with new attacks emerging every minute. Algorithms set in place for A.I. Sentry allows us to detect patterns of undesirable behaviour to such threats and adapt to the new attacks.

Solutions implemented for new attacks are dynamically distributed to the rest of Vodien servers, ensuring an AI driven server-wide security approach.

A.I. Sentry has your back

Coverage of A.I. Sentry

Rapid deployment and swift action strategies to deter and act against security threats. (Average per shared server)

  • 14,000 per day Brute-Force Attacks Stopped
  • 700,000 per day Challenge-Response Authentication Logged (reCaptcha)
Coverage of A.I. Sentry

Enhance your Website Security

Enhanced Security Coverage

Want to further boost your website’s security and performance capabilities?

Take it to the next level with webGuard, our all-in-one enhancement package that covers both website protection and speed boost.

webGuard includes:

  • Hacking attempts
  • Virus attacks
  • Defacement attempts

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