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Get in line to acquire the domain you wanted once it becomes available again.

What is Domain
Domain Backorder service helps you acquire the domain you wanted once it becomes available for registration again. This service includes Domain Monitoring and Tracking, and Domain Registration for one year once the domain is registered successfully — for only $15.00 per year.
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How to backorder a domain


See the domain’s availability using our domain search.

Step 1


Use our backorder service to get your desired domain.

Step 2


The domain is monitored to know when it is available.

Step 3


We will attempt to register the domain name once available.

Step 4
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Frequently Asked Questions
Understanding Backorder Service

A backorder is when a client orders a product that is temporarily out of stock. This mostly happens to in-demand products that are sold out quickly.

Backordering is a great way for clients to place an order despite the unavailability of a good or service at a current time, and have a better chance to get it once it’s in stock again.

What is a Domain Backorder?

Domain backorder is a specialised service that attempts to reserve a domain name that’s already taken, expired or deleted. When you purchase a backorder, you get a higher chance to secure the domain you want.

Vodien will keep an eye and try to register it on your behalf, once it becomes available for the public to use. Our automated system is backed by multiple servers and connections to make sure that we can acquire the name for you. Most of the time, backorder follows a ‘first come, first serve’ principle.

What are the benefits of Domain Backorder service?

Constant monitoring

Monitoring the domain you want by yourself could be taxing, especially when you don’t have the powerful tools needed for doing so. With domain backorder, we’ll always keep an eye out for your domain using our intelligent backorder system. This increases your chance in being the first to register the domain once it’s made public again.

Zero effort required

All domains have a limited cycle. Its due date depends on which country the registrant is from. By purchasing the backorder domain, we will notify you immediately and be the ones to secure and register your desired domain.

Your identity secured

The perfect domain name for your brand may be taken already. But all domains have a due date. Securing your desired domain is a great help to boosting and solidifying your business identity.

Why purchase a Domain Backorder service from Vodien?

With the combined knowledge and expertise by our team, plus our engineered backorder system, there’s a higher chance for you to secure your desired domain name with us.

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