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Seamlessly transfer to Australia's #1 Official Domain Registrar. Enjoy the best customer service whether you're transferring your domain names to consolidate all your web services to one location, or when connecting to our Web Hosting or Email Plans.

Domain Transfer

Why transfer to Vodien

Domain Transfer

Vodien is Australia's #1 domain name service provider, providing domain registrations to small and medium businesses, corporate, government and more.

  • ICANN and SGNIC Accredited Registrar
  • Reputable and Reliable
  • Dedicated Domain Support Specialists
  • All-in-one Domain Management Portal

Safe & quick domain transfer

Rest assured that your domain is transferred over safely, with timely monitoring and updates to ensure successful domain transfers.

All domain transfers include

Enjoy the following benefits for all domain customers

  • Domain Management Portal

    Get a full-featured control panel to manage your DNS, add DDoS protection and other advanced domain features.

  • Reliable Domain Support

    Need support for your domain transfers, or for the management of your domain? Just look for our Vodien Support.

  • Renewal Protection

    Auto-renewal for your domain names made simple, ensure that you will never lose your precious domain names.

How to transfer your domain to us
Choose Domain
Begin Transfer
Approve Transfer
Transfer Completed
Before beginning your domain transfer...
  • Check if your domain has been registered for at least 3 months
  • Request from your current provider to unlock your domain
  • Check your email address is listed as the domain contact.
Check your Email

Domain transfer approval instructions will be emailed to the registered domain contact person. Please check the email and click accept to continue with the process.


After the previous provider has accepted the transfer, the domain will be transferred over to your Vodien billing account.


For .com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, .name, and .us domains, if your domain has been registered within the past two months, you are not allowed to transfer your domain to us.

For any domain transfer to Vodien, there will be a mandatory one-year renewal. Domain renewal fees will be according to our domain price list.

You will have full access to the domain ownership, information, name server, registrar lock, and domain transfer password.

There will be no contract required. You will own the domain.

Frequently Asked Questions
Why should I transfer my Domain to Vodien?

Get a peace of mind with only one single optimised billing platform to manage for your domain names and web hosting accounts. You can rely on our dedicated support team to ensure a seamleass process for your domain transfer to Vodien. Enjoy useful features for your domain names, all under the same platform.

How to transfer my domain name?

Either fill up the transfer domain form above, or simply email us at [email protected] and we'll guide you along the process for domain transfers.

What to note when transferring domain names to Vodien

A. Mandatory Renewal

Any domain transfer to Vodien will incur a mandatory one-year renewal. Domain renewal fees will be based on our domain price list.

B. Registrar Lock

Make sure that your domain is unlocked by your previous registrar, to ensure that the domain transfer can go through

C. Domain Expiration Date

We recommend that you submit a transfer request as early as 30 days before the actual expiration date to prevent any inconveniences if there are unforeseen technical issues or delays that may affect the transfer process.

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