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Bare Metal Servers

Enjoy high-end server resources with guaranteed power and versatility.
Every Bare Metal Server includes...
  • Intel Xeon Performance
  • Dell Infrastructure
  • Latest OS Version
  • Full Console Access
  • Resilient Network
  • Managed Services
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Bare Metal Server Features
Experience the power of a fully dedicated server with Vodien. From its resources to its performance, it has everything you need to reach your online goals and expand your business.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Bare Metal Server?

A Bare Metal Server is a physical server that is dedicated to a single customer. It is not shared with any other users and allows customers complete control over the server configuration – both hardware and software. 

How is a Bare Metal Server different from a virtual server?

What are the benefits of using a Bare Metal Server?

What resources can I get with your Bare Metal Servers?

What network speed and bandwidth speeds do you offer?

How do I manage and control my Bare Metal Server?

What operating systems are available for a Bare Metal Server? 

Is technical support available for my Bare Metal Server? 

What are the billing terms?

What locations can you provide for the Bare Metal Servers? 

How do I get a Bare Metal Server?

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