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Server Backup & Recovery

Automated daily backup and fast recovery

Fully protect you VPS server knowing you have the last 7-days copies of your data with fully automated daily backups and lightning fast recovery.

Do I need VPS Automated Backup?

By default, all VPS plans come with a Last 1-Day Data Retention, for recovery for VPS cluster failure. This is only administered by Vodien in cases of data loss emergencies to ensure business continuity for Vodien and its customers.

With our VPS automated backup addons, get a peace of mind knowing that you can easily restore your files, folders or your whole account if required to.

Get enchanced coverage
for the folllowing:
  • Accidental modification/ deletion of files or folders
  • Compromised website
  • Data corruption after website update
Last 7-days Data Retention Recovery
Only HK$234.00 / mo
  • Last 7-Days Data Retention for Disaster Recovery
  • Enables you to do full VPS recovery for your account
  • Comes with 1 x free restoration request per month
Last 7-days Daily Backup (JetBackup)
Only HK$234.00 / mo
  • Last 7-Days Data Backup
  • 100GB Diskspace allowance
  • JetBackup Restoration Module for easy backup & restore
  • Customise your own backup retention setup
  • Choose specific account to backup
  • Restore files and folders easily via JetBackup
Benefits of VPS backup

By default, all VPS accounts only come with Last 1-Day Data Retention for Disaster Recovery

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I access my backups?

You can access your backup via your web hosting control panel, under JetBackup. Simply restore available backup copies as required.

How do I restore my files with this service?

Depending on the type of restoration you require, you can access the individual modules to perform restorations as required.

What is the main difference between the default backup and daily backup?

Instead of getting 1 copy per week (2 copies) for your backup, you will be getting the last 7 days worth of backup, so that your important recent work can be restored.

Is this compatible with any content management system?

Yes, the backup service in place is compatible with all systems, which allows you to perform restorations easily. If you are unsure of whether the file restoration can be done, feel free to check with our support team.

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