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A PHP and Perl Based Tool for Backing up Mysql Database

There comes a point of time where you may find you're not able to export out SQL Database through phpMyAdmin. Your next alternative might be to download a phpmyadmin and and setup the configurations under the web folder. Well, a third alternative which is basically a PHP/Perl tool to backup mySQL database known as mysqldumper. 

Obtain the database username and password and setup on MYSQLDumper.

Step 1. Download mySQLdump from http://www.mysqldumper.net/


Click on Download MySQLDumper1.24.4.zipdatabase sql3

Step 2. Unzip file.

Step 3. Upload files to the directory (example: public_html/sql for the subdomain name sql.testdomain.com)

Step 4. Access site. (example: http://sql.testdomain.com)



Step 5. Enter database information. Host (site name), user (database username) and database password.



Step 6. Proceed with the installation by clicking Connect to MySQL and you should have a successful connection message. Click on Save and continue installation button.database

Step 7. In the mySQLdumper site, click on Backup tab from the left Menu and click on Start New Backup button.


Step 8. Click on the file and this will be saved in your Downloads folder of your computer.sql8



A PHP script has a maximum execution time that is usually set to 30 seconds on most server installations. A script running longer than this limit will simply stop working. This behavior makes backing up large databases impossible. Maybe you already had this specific problem when using other tools.

If you face this problem, try to update the php.ini file:


ini_set('max_execution_time', 300); //300 seconds = 5 minutes


Place this at the top of your PHP script and let your script loose!

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