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How to Have an Own Email Address

Owning an email with your business name or brand name builds credibility to your customers. Follow the steps below on how to have your own email address.  

  1. Create an account with Vodien. Only registered Vodien customers can make a purchase on Vodien’s website. Skip this step if you already have an account with Vodien and just use your existing account.  
  2. Register a domain name. The domain name appears after the at symbol [@] of your email address. You can’t create an email address without a domain name.  
  3. Choose an email hosting package or use the free email hosting included in your Vodien website hosting. But first, know the difference between basic email hosting and Exchange email hosting to know what’s best for you. The email hosting keeps and gives functionalities to your emails. 
  4. Make sure the domain name is already connected to the email hosting. Check the MX record of your domain name in this MX Lookup Tool if this matches the MX record that we have provided. Follow this link on how to add or change your MX record
    Any changes to the MX records take time so it is advisable to do this step right after the domain name and email hosting are activated. This step is also where you connect your domain name to the email hosting if your domain name is registered somewhere else.   
  5. Create your email accounts and mailboxes. This is where you complete the creation of the email addresses and their respective passwords.  
  6. Test the functionality of your email account by accessing it on webmail.  


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