How to change my cPanel password

Changing password from time to time is recommended since it increases the security of your account. You can change your cPanel password through:

Please follow the instructions below on how to change cPanel password.

Change cPanel password in cPanel

Step 1. Log in to the cPanel.


Step 2. Click on Password & Security under Preferences panel.


Step 3. Enter the old password and new password. Make sure that the password strength reaches atleast 80%  to be accepted by the system. You may also click on Password Generator button for the system to provide you a unique password. Once done, click on “Change your password now!” button to save the changes.cpanel-change-password

If you have trouble accessing to your control panel, you may have entered your username or password wrongly. You can either reset the password through the Billing Client area or you may do the reset password via cPanel. Click on the title of the reset password option to view the step-by-step instructions.


Reset cPanel Password in Billing Client Area

To check your username/password or reset your password, please follow these procedures:

1) Login to your billing account

How to change my control panel password


2) From the Menu List, hover over “Services” and select “My Services”


How to change my control panel password


3) From the product list, click on “View Details” on the plan that you would like to edit.




4) Under your plan, click “Change Password”

You will be brought to the hosting details page displaying your Username.

5) In the “New Password” field, enter a new password and repeat the password under “Confirm New Password”.

Note: The password shown may not be correct if you have previously changed your password through your control panel (cpanel)

Note: The system will only accept a “Strong” password combination for the change.

6) Click “Save Changes”. The new password will be in effect and will be shown under “Current Details” in the same page.

Note: Do not send your designated password to us, we will not use the password sent by the requester for security purpose. All passwords will be uniquely generated and sent to the billing account email address. It is therefore important to provide us with your most current email address.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.


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