Delegate Domain Settings Access to Other Email Addresses

In the Advanced Domain Manager, you are allowed to view all domains under your account, register, renew, transfer and also delegate domain settings access to your sub contacts. The sub contacts, in this case, will be other email addresses and you will be able to delegate certain email addresses for selected domain names.

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Step 1. Sign in to the Client Area.


Step 2. Click Domains drop-down menu and select Advanced Domain Manager.

Step 3. In Advanced Domain Manager, click “Delegate Access”.

Step 4.  Click “Create Delegate Access”.

Step 5. Enter the desired email address you want to delegate access, and check the access you want to give for the specific domain.

Step 6.  Click “Create” button. (Repeat steps 3-6 to provide access to another email address for the other domains.)

Step 7. An email will be sent to the other email address with the following link:

Step 8. With the link, the sub-contact can simply enter their email address and domain name, and they will be able to log in and edit the domain settings as per your delegation.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

Delegate Domain Settings

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