Manage Domains in Advanced Domain Manager

You may view and manage domains registered with Vodien under your Billing Account using the Advanced Domain Manager in Billing Client Area.

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Step 1. Sign in to the Client Area.


Step 2. Click Domains drop-down menu and select Advanced Domain Manager.

Step 3. Click ‘List Domains’ to show all domain names under the Billing Account. This will show you the Expiry date, Renewal Price, ID Protection, Auto Renew (on/off), Status, Unpaid Renewal Invoice, and Action.

Step 4. Click ‘Manage’.

Domain Information’ tab – contains the domain name, status, registration date, next due date and recurring amount.

Delegate Access‘ tab – giving access to a sub contact email address to manage certain domain settings.

DNS Editor‘ tab – allows you to view, edit and delete DNS settings of the domain name.

Auto Renew’ tab – when this is ‘on’, you will receive a renewal notification and invoice 30 days prior to the renewal date. On the other hand, if the status is ‘off’, only the renewal notification is sent. (Read more about the Domain Life Cycle.)

Nameservers‘ tab – this will show you the current name servers of the domain name. If you want to modify the name servers,  add the information in the fields and click ‘Update’.

‘Registrar Lock’ tab – allows you to enable or disable domain lock status.

‘Get EPP Code’ tab – allows you to view the EPP code or authorisation code of the domain name to or have it sent to the registered email address.

Edit Registrant Contact tab- option is only available for CINOBIN and SG domain names which allows you to edit domain registrant contact details.

Do not hesitate to contact our support team if you have further questions.

Manage Domains

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