How to transfer billing account ownership?

Here are some of the methods you need to do to transfer billing account ownership. Update Details via Client Area If you have the login details for the account, please follow the steps below. (Note: This process is also the same as updating the account information like email address or billing […]

What are my email server information?

Not all email accounts have the same email server information. This depends on your domain name. Your mail server will be like a subdomain as Let’s say your domain name is That means your mail server is Email Server Information: Outgoing SMTP server: Incoming Mail server: […]

How to access my billing system?

To access billing system or online invoicing system  where you can view/print out your invoices, please login to your client area. Vodien Internet Solutions Billing Your log in details were provided in the email notification with the subject “Welcome to Vodien Internet Solutions“. If you are not able to see it […]

What is your billing cycle?

We have five billing cycles from which you can choose from. This may differ though on what hosting service you have availed from us. Simply indicate the billing cycle of your choice in the order form. You may also contact our Sales Department for more options that you can have for […]