Advantages of a .AU Direct Domain
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September 21, 2022

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[UPDATED] Why Get a .AU Direct Domain for Your Local Business

Australians will be able to register their ideal .au domain names with the newer, shorter .au domain extension.  

If you have an existing .au domain, you can register its .au direct counterpart Or, you can register a new one for your Aussie business. 

The launch of this domain complements existing Australian namespaces such as,,,,  

Pre-registering Your .au Direct Domain

Now that the Priority Allocation Period is over, all unallocated .au domain names will be available for anyone to register by 4 October 2022. 

However, all Australian entities can still pre-register their ideal .au domain names from 21 September to 3 October before its public release. Pre-registering ups their chances of securing the domain name before anyone else does.  

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4 Critical Reasons to Get a .au Direct Domain for Your Business

The new .au direct namespace will bring Australia at par with countries already having top-level domains, including Canada (.ca), USA (.us), United Kingdom (.uk), and New Zealand (.nz).  

Other important benefits it brings Australian domain owners include: 

  • Shorter and more memorable

A .au direct domain will have fewer characters, which makes it easier for clients and customers to remember and type on their browsers. 

  • Available to a wider range of Australian entities

Unlike the existing .au namespace, a .au direct domain will be available to any individual, business, organisation, and government entity from auDA accredited registrars. 

  • Secures branding

Registering your exact match .au direct domain will protect your brand from other entities looking to register it for themselves. It also ensures all online traffic to your business will land on your website instead of a competitor’s. 

  • Protects your online reputation

Cybercriminals can register your exact match .au domain name and use it for purposes that malign your business's reputation.  

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FAQs About .au Direct Domain

What are the eligibility criteria for .au direct registration?

The eligibility criterion for .au direct is simple. It’s available for anyone within Australia or with a local connection to Australia. This means that whether you’re an individual, association, or business, you are eligible to register a .au direct domain name. 

What should current domain name holders do in this scenario?

Current .au family domain name holders should consider whether they should claim their .au direct domain once it becomes available or pre-register it now through Vodien. It’s ideal to register their exact match .au direct domain to streamline web traffic and protect their brand.  

How can I get more information about .au direct?

Refer to this fact sheet prepared by auDA containing all the information about the new .au direct namespace.

Next Steps for Aussie SMBs and Enterprises

Get ready to get your hands on the .au direct domain soon. Vodien can assist you with the entire pre-registration process, or you can do so automatically here. 

You can also obtain trademark protection for your brand to help you secure its exact .au direct domain name and avoid possible disputes. 

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