June 13, 2011

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The Advantages of Multiple Domains

Besides web hosting, and your website, domain names are very crucial pieces of your online identity as well. Ddomain names are also considered by most people to be the brand's name, hence there is a need for promotion and protection of the domain name itself. The primary domain name is located between the first two dots of the web address.

For example, if we key in "", the word "example" is the primary domain name. If you wish to have multiple variations of the primary domain, you can also register it as "". Alternative primary domain names can also be purchased, like "" or "". The next few paragraphs list some of the major benefits you can get by registering several variations of your primary domain name.

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Keeping Site Traffic Concentrated

Most Internet users only remember the primary domain name and not its extension or TLD such as .com, .net, and .org. A problem may arise when your targeted market wants to revisit your website but can't remember the extension; chances are they may end up on a blank page or even your competitors' website. This happens a lot and is not to be taken lightly. Web masters often make the mistake of neglecting to register variations in the domain name extension. As a result, they end up losing traffic to competitors or other sites which may want to capitalize on the popularity of the brand name and create a different version of their own.

By registering your primary domain name under different variations and extensions, not only do you keep away your competitors, you also are able to garner higher traffic therefore increasing the chances of purchases and, in the long run, profits. This technique of domain name registration is an excellent idea especially if you plan to target a particular market on the World Wide Web.

Directing Traffic through Networking and Domain Forwarding

Once you have registered your website under the various categories, you can then expand your web presence with little effort. You can use these different versions to create a variety of websites to build a site network that you can interlink to sort through web traffic. This gives you higher search engine rankings when a user types in a keyword associated with your products or services.

Another thing that you can do is direct traffic from one of your alternative web addresses to the most popular primary domain name so as to more effectively capture your target market. For example, if a customer keyed in "", the site will automatically lead them to "" which is your primary domain. This is also called domain forwarding, which is a simple step that can be easily performed through the web hosting control panel in just a few minutes. If you want to direct new traffic to your site and retain loyal visitors, these methods are worth considering.

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