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July 28, 2021

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Vodien Introduces Vodien Agency Partner Program

To grow your business, it’s never enough to merely keep your brand afloat.

Stagnancy is dangerous. Staying where you are means your competitors are already ahead of you. Your customers won’t hesitate to switch with brands that stay current and have always something new to offer. This is why growth is a top priority for CEOs. It doesn’t only mean you're winning. It’s also crucial for your business’s long-term sustainability.

However, the pandemic’s global economic strain leaves businesses with no option but to settle with keeping their doors open. This is evident in Singapore’s fluctuating status. The emergence of the Delta variant prompted the country to heighten its restrictions, gravely affecting local enterprises.

This shouldn’t curb your progress. In these dire times, it’s more crucial than ever to grow your network, attract leads, accommodate client demands, and find market opportunities to advance your brand.

The Vodien Agency Partner Program understands what it takes for your business to grow and keep your competition on its toes. It recognises your potential and provides avenues to scale. It also aims to stabilise your brand to take on challenges beyond your control.

Partner for growth

The Vodien Agency Partner Program is the key to accelerate your growth.

As you move towards expanding your brand, you will need to widen your resources and seek more opportunities to hike your revenue. The program equips you to do this with a bundle of services and exclusive benefits to help you move forward.

This supports your growing need to boost your conversions, increase your earnings, receive elevated services for you and your clients, and get more exposure.

The program invites you to tap Vodien’s resources, training, support, and connections to establish your presence online. Whether you’re a startup yet to make your presence known or an established company looking for ways to expand, the program’s offerings will help steer your business higher.

What’s in it for you?

Get exclusive Resource Hub access

Get exclusive Resource Hub access

Business is dynamic. The things you know now are only good until a more efficient way emerges.

Advance your entrepreneurial knowledge and skills. Visit the Resource Hub to access expert articles, guides, and industry insights for free. Get the privilege to learn straight from industry thought leaders through forums and webinars.

Enjoy co-marketing opportunities

Enjoy co-marketing opportunities

Unsurprisingly, 61% of marketers collectively agree that lead generation remains their top challenge. With newer brands emerging in the market, it’s best to maximise all opportunities to strengthen your online presence.

Create high-impact marketing campaigns with support from our resource pool. Generate more exposure with featured placements. Get invitations to speak at events and establish yourself as a thought leader.

Partner-only pricing

Partner-only pricing

Enjoy the best of Vodien’s products and services on a good deal. Earn partner exclusive discounts with preferred pricing and get to pass on extra value to your clients.

Network through Agency Directory

Network through Agency Directory

Foster strategic connections with the leading names in web design and development. The Agency Directory allows you to network with Vodien’s web agency partners.

Increased benefits with every upgrade

Increased benefits with every upgrade

The partner program consists of four program tiers: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Partner. Each tier comes with specific benefit bundles.

Reap the rewards of your growth. The more you scale with Vodien’s products and services, the higher your agency status and the better benefits you’ll enjoy.

Gain uninterrupted 24_7 support

Gain uninterrupted 24/7 support

Statistics show that more than two-thirds of marketers agree that businesses compete base on customer service quality. Excellent management of your customer’s needs attracts conversions and develops customer loyalty.

With the program’s 24/7 priority support, you and your clients get to experience immediate response and prompt solutions to all your concerns on every support channel.

Become a partner today

Your business doesn’t have to do it all alone. Merge Vodien Agency Partner Program’s features into your own growth strategies. This means lesser to-dos on your list and more results to reach your objectives. The only price you have to pay is to make sure you take on the next step towards improving your brand.

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