March 6, 2014

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5 Benefits of VPS Hosting for your Website


Trends in web hosting has drastically changed in the recent years that many companies have more options to choose from besides shared web hosting. While many still use shared hosting platform for their websites, it's worth noting that VPS hosting has increasingly become one of the most popular choices by companies and individuals to date.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server which is a server used locally by the web host provider but is actually housed on another location. It is combination of shared and dedicated web hosting. VPS creates multiple virtual partitions on a single physical server with each user account having its own space on the system and remains independent from the other users on that server. Its popularity is attributed to the enhanced upgrades in virtualization technologies which have greatly improved the reliability and performance of VPS.


1. More Flexibility

Since virtual private server works like having your own server, you have more control on what operating system and applications you want to install without interfering on other user's hosting resources, or the other way around. You don't have to worry about the hardware and operating system requirements because your web host provider takes care of that for you.


2. Highly Reliable

In a VPS model, other user's server activities will not affect your web site. Should they face issues with their disk space, bandwidth, RAM and others, this will not have any effect on your server resources. This ensures that your website can operate much more efficiently and independently.


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3. Cost-effective

If you want to have your own web server, a virtual private server offers the best security and full control without breaking the bank. You won't need to buy and manage expensive hardware or perform complicated server administration tasks that is well beyond your primary business interests.


4. Optimum security

Through virtualization, a virtual private server ensures that even if you are sharing the server with the other users, you are restricted within your own private server environment. It isolates your VPS resources from unauthorized access from other users sharing the system.


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5. Scalable

If you're expecting a spike on your website traffic or plan to grow your online business, it's important to be able to scale your hosting resources without causing any downtime or technical glitches on the website. VPS allows you to conveniently scale for more hosting resources, or less, depending on what your online business demands for.


VPS hosting is an excellent choice if you are planning to upgrade from a shared hosting platform. With Vodien VPS hosting, your website can run seamlessly on resource-intensive dynamic pages and databases while having full control on your operating system and programs. Vodien is Singapore's leading web hosting service provider since 2002. We have over 15,000 satisfied clients from all over the world who have chosen us for their web hosting solution. Get in touch with us today by visiting to know more about our other web hosting services.

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