October 29, 2015

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Boost your Productivity with Everyday Technology

Why is Technology so important? To answer this question, think of how different it without technological advancements. Imagine train rides without personal entertainment devices, or having to handwrite your own letters. With technological advances, our standard of living has improved. Technology and automation allow us to solve everyday complex problems with efficiency.

In the workplace, how has technology improved technology? Technology has optimised the ability for employees to work together, multi-task and track workflow. According to "Due to technological advances, we're now 84% more productive in the workplace every hour than workers were in the 1970s." To understand this better, here's a list of benefits prepared by the guys at successfactors:

  1. Greatest Benefits of Business Productivity Software
  2. Create an Open and Communicative Environment
  3. Connect Teams Virtually Within the Company
  4. Motivate your Employees Using Technology
  5. Monitor Business Productivity and Employee Progress on Goals
  6. Analyse Performance

Understanding these benefits, companies and individuals should look at leveraging technology to boost productivity. Even the leaders of the largest companies have their own productivity hacks. Make the best out of what's available, and what you think can enhance your productivity.

So it's down to the important part. What are the ways that employees can boost their work productivity? Let us give you some methods used by our own employees:



  • To-do Lists like Trello allows us to communicate and organise projects easily.
  • Cloud storage software such as Google Drive allows you to share files among employees. Gone were the days of sharing files via emails!

Want to know how else you can make the most out of technology to boost productivity? Refer to the infographic below, done by the guys at I hope that you can adopt a few of these "lifehacks" to help you with your work! width=

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