Learn Creative Ways to Brand Your Domain with ccTLDs

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June 18, 2021

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Learn Creative Ways to Brand Your Domain with ccTLDs

A domain name is the core of every business website. A well-thought-out domain name lets you establish a positive branding impact and domain authority.

Each country is assigned a two-letter country code top-level domain (ccTLD). So, websites targeting a Singaporean audience can use a .sg domain name or a .nz for those catering to Kiwi customers.

Country-specific domains work best for businesses that have a various local presence. If you’re a global brand with existing operations in different countries, a specific domain targeting a particular area can help you gain traction with audiences in various places.

ccTLDs: Why It’s a Must-Have for Your Company Website

Why your company website should have a ccTLD

Customer recognition - Consumers often prefer local brands. If you want to win the local market, encourage recognition for your business with a ccTLD. People looking through a series of search results wouldn’t think twice about visiting a website within their locality.

Adds credibility - ccTLDs can serve as your brand’s authenticity stamp. Business websites securing ccTLDs such as .AU and .SG show that they’ve complied with a set of mandatory requirements — boosting customer trust for your products and services.

Search-engine friendly - Using a ccTLD also helps increase your local search rankings. In fact, local-specific URLs is at the top of Google’s country targeting elements. If you aim to beat local search competitions, a ccTLD is the way to go.

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Creative Branding Ideas with ccTLDs

Creative Branding Ideas with ccTLDs

Creative branding opportunities are another reason why a ccTLD works for your business. While it’s country-specific, it can be a part of your branding scheme. A creative ccTLD is notably striking and easy to remember— allowing you to stand out among competitors.

You can whip out multiple creative domain names using your desired ccTLD. Before you register or renew your domain, check out some of these helpful tips to hack that branded domain.

  • .ag (Antigua and Barbuda) - Anything that ends with ‘ag’ such as Toteb.ag, Fashionm.ag.
  • .be (Belgium) - This ccTLD works well with words that end in ‘be’. Example: Iamthecu.be or surfvi.be
  • .co (Colombia) - You can use this as an alternative to your main .com and point it to the same website. Popular examples: Twitter (t.co) and Overstock (O.co).
  • .fm (Federated States of Micronesia) - Ideal for online radios and streaming audio sites like Last.fm. or moderntunes.fm
  • .gs (South Georgia and the Sandwich islands) - Action-oriented brands or any site that ends in ‘gs’. Example: Blo.gs
  • .in (India) - This cCTLD is perfect for phrases ending with ‘in’ including check.in, move.in, bitco.in, or even tastypumpk.in
  • .it (Italy) - .it domain is for anyone aiming to boost visibility in the Italian market. For instance, if you’re selling swimsuits, you can secure a “italianswimsu.it. This cCTLD is also perfect for brands that sound like a verb. Example: helpmelearn.it, explore.it,
  • .me (Montenegro) - This ccTLD works well for vanity, personal blogs, or anything that has to do with the word ‘me’. Popular example: About.me, takingcareof.me, or localperfu.me.
  • .ly (Libya) - Popular among websites that use the suffix ‘-ly’ to form a single-word domain. Examples: bit.ly, ow.ly, brief.ly.
  • .us (United States) - This is great if you want users to do something with your US-based website. Examples: visit.us, call.us, message.us
  • .to (Tonga) - This adds a spin to a word or phrase ending in ‘to’ such as cr.yp.to, dine.to, go.to
  • .tv (Tuvalu) - This is best for companies in the entertainment and media industry. Example: MTV.tv, comedy.tv, kids.tv
  • .am (Armenia) - This goes well for radio stations with AM networks and words ending with ‘am’. Example: Instagr.am, news.am. You can also use if you’re a ham supplier with authentich.am.
  • .at (Austria) - Use this extension for words ending with ‘at’. Example: heartbe.at, stay.at, cutec.at.

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Get Creative

In a world filled with .COMs, be different.

There’s more to ccTLDs than being a mere location marker. Besides helping you build connections with a certain locale, it also widens your reach, prompts user action, and propels your business forward. Refer to these creative ideas to come up with a unique and brandable domain name. If you already have one in mind, check out its availability with our Domain Search Tool.

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