Reasons to change your web hosting provider
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September 24, 2021

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Web Host Hit by Ransomware Attack + Tips on Choosing a Better Web Host

Due to the rise of remote work caused by the COVID-19 flare-up, ransomware attacks went up to 68% this year. 

The most recent one hit a leading Malaysian hosting provider, disrupting its Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) and hosting services. While the web host, whose customers are based in Singapore, claimed to have immediately restored most of its operations, we’ll never know when a cyberattack happens again. 

It’s crucial for web hosting providers to have stringent cybersecurity measures in place to avoid future disruptions — especially on their customers' operations. 

Your web hosting is critical to have your business running smoothly online. It starts with choosing the best hosting partner for your web needs who can guarantee rare cases of downtime and data loss.   

If your web hosting provider is not delivering in their promises and only causing losses to your business, it’s time to change partners. 

5 Warning Signs to Change Your Web Hosting Provider

Excessive server downtime 

server downtime

Server downtime is a serious technical problem you can’t afford to happen. It’s a killer for businesses, especially for those who rely most on running all their operations online. If this happens, you may end up losing customers and revenue.  

Most web hosting providers will always guarantee server up-time, but you should make sure that they're offering at least 99% of server uptime.   

If your server downtime extends beyond this time, contact your web hosting provider and ask for a refund right away — especially if it's a persistent problem. 

Poor customer support 

poor customer service

Excellent customer service is one of the most important factors to consider when looking for an ideal web hosting provider. 

If you're having problems with your hosting, your provider's customer support should instantly provide immediate assistance, and if possible, a quick solution. If this is not the case with your current web host, you should consider looking for a new one. Besides, you are the one paying for their services which gives you the right for exceptional service. 

Additional unknown fees

If you start noticing that your monthly bills include additional charges that you were not made aware of, contact your provider immediately. Your hosting provider must remain transparent with their billing and charges. 

Tip: Before purchasing any hosting plan, make sure you read the terms and agreement. Ask questions regarding your billing statements to avoid any problems with your future payments.   

Slow loading time 

Even a three-second delay can tantamount to business loss. Whether it’s because of website traffic, unoptimised site, or too many users in one server, slow loading time can cost you traffic and conversions. Partner with a web hosting provider that can help you grow your business, not bring it down. 

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Mediocre security features 

With mediocre web hosting security, you’re making your website and network vulnerable to cyberattacks. This may also trigger search engines to disqualify your website from search results considering their strict algorithms and policies. 

Moreover, you have to let your visitors feel secure while browsing your website, earning their trust.  If your current provider has low-security features, then it’s high time to switch to a provider that has high-level security.  

Switch to a better web hosting service your business deserves

You might’ve chosen an affordable web hosting plan but at what cost? Have they delivered their promises? Were they able to provide you with top-notch features and services?   

Never compromise when it comes to your web hosting. Or else, you’ll suffer the consequences in the long run like the bad services stated above. So, when you start looking for a web hosting provider, check first if they have the same goals as you.


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