8 Ways to Invite Good Fortune for Your Business This Chinese New Year|||||||Gift Positive Vibes in a Red Envelope|Share the Festivity with Your Colleagues and Business Clients
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January 22, 2020

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8 Ways to Invite Good Fortune for Your Business This Chinese New Year

As we enter the year of the Rat, you will see families and neighbourhoods preparing to welcome good fortune and success in the coming year. Businesses and enterprises are also equally excited for this occasion. 

For business owners, Chinese New Year is the most fitting time to clean up their slate and invite fortune and positivity all year round.  

Want your business to soar high this 2020? Below are eight tips to celebrate the Chinese New Year and attract balance, peace, prosperity, and wellbeing to your business. 

  1. Sweep Away Bad Luck 

  2. Sweep Away Bad Luck

    A great way to welcome in the positive vibes of the New Year is to clean the workspace. Clear up the work desk and thoroughly cleanse the office space right from dusting the ceilings and scrubbing the window partitions to mopping the floors. However, make sure to complete the cleaning before New Year's Day. Doing it on or in the first few days of the New Year is considered inauspicious. 

  3. Mandarin Oranges Bring Good Fortune 

  4. Mandarin Oranges Bring Good Fortune

    Mandarin oranges or kiat-kiat are considered symbols of prosperity, and it is auspicious to have them in the office. Keep a bowl of oranges in the reception or entryway to have good luck and fortune enter your business. It is also customary to offer mandarin oranges to guests and clients, as a symbol of longevity and happiness. 

  5. Payoff All Your Debts 

  6. Payoff All Your Debts

    A suitable resolution is to pay off the debts before the start of the new year. This discipline is believed to be symbolic of Chinese tradition, and the end of the year symbolises “closing the books.” However, if paying off all the bills and debts is not possible, pay a token amount as a symbol of decisive action and good faith. 

  7. Paint the Town Red 

  8.  Paint the Town Red

    The colour red is associated with wealth in Chinese culture, and every enterprise, store, and home use this colour to attract prosperity. To welcome the Chinese New Year, make sure to decorate your workplace with red lanterns and lucky symbols with the right amount of red tones. Many enterprises also have employees wear red coloured clothes on the New Year to embrace the positivity of the occasion. 

  9. Decorate the Workspace with Lucky Symbols 

  10. Decorate the Workspace with Lucky Symbols

    Once you've cleaned the office space, spice it up with red colour and lucky symbols. Use orchids for abundance, peach for growth, plum blossoms for endurance and peonies for peace. Dragons are also found in the decors to bring good luck and scare away evil spirits. You can also use the waving Neko cat, good luck gong and decorations featuring the Rat for 2020. 

  11. Prepare a Feast 

  12. Prepare a Feast

    To welcome the New Year, prepare a wholesome meal to celebrate with your colleagues. It is customary to have at least ten dishes for everyone to dine which includes fish, dumplings, spring rolls, Chinese rice pudding and more delicious items that make the occasion memorable. Focus on adding dumplings or tikoy in the menu as it symbolises wealth and is said to build long-lasting relationships.  

  13. Gift Positive Vibes in a Red Envelope 

  14. Gift Positive Vibes in a Red Envelope

    Ang Pao or the small red envelopes usually filled with money, gift vouchers, or other best wishes are considered lucky during the new year. Since these are typically handed out by the elders to the younger folks, it is a good practice for businesses to give a red envelope to its employees thanking them for their loyalty. 

    Employees can also hand out gifts to coworkers and clients. Items like scissors, knives and other sharp objects, shoes, clocks, handkerchief and anything with the number four are considered unlucky. The ideal gifts include lucky symbols like the Buddha, laughing Buddha, gift items featuring the zodiac sign of the year (the Rat) and flowers.  

  15. Share the Festivity with Your Colleagues and Business Clients 

  16. Share the Festivity with Your Colleagues and Business Clients

    Taking a day to celebrate with your clients and coworkers is a great way to thank and show respect to those you consider important. Take them out to an informal lunch or host a celebration in your office. Keeping friendly relations with your clients and coworkers helps to build a strong network and enhances your business's growth. It is also an opportune time to soothe any negative emotions and make a fresh start, full of positivity and growth. 

Cheers to a fruitful year! 

Taking these simple steps will make your Chinese New Year, fun, and exciting while also helping you grow your business. Make sure to greet everyone and keep the positive vibes flowing as you enter the year of the Rat! 

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