Here’s Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Email Hosting
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November 26, 2021

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Here’s Why Your Business Needs Dedicated Email Hosting

Web hosting plans usually include free email inboxes as part of the package. If you only need a minimum number of emails for basic purposes (e.g., in-office communication, customer inquiry, etc.), you can definitely use the email service that comes with your hosting plan.

But email holds massive potential in furthering your business online. Did you know that email marketing has an astounding ROI of 4200%? Reducing your business email to a mere means of communication is a great loss.

Learn insights on why you should invest in a dedicated email hosting plan on top of your web hosting package. Read on to learn what benefits it brings your business.

Why You Should Get a Dedicated Email Hosting Plan

When your web hosting goes down, so does your email

When your web hosting goes down, so does your email

Web hosting companies guarantee a maximum of 99% uptime. The extra 1% is dedicated to unavoidable mishaps that may cause your website to crash.

Hosting your emails in the same environment means they’ll have to share storage and bandwidth provisions. When something goes awry with your web host, your emails will take the hit as well.

A dedicated email hosting plan ensures your email service remains intact even when your website experiences downtime.

Get a separate IP for your emails

Get a separate IP for your emails

In a shared hosting environment, users in the same server share a common IP. This means that the reputation of the IP address may be affected by other shared users.

For example, a shared IP address might get flagged down when other users send spam. This affects your email delivery and causes a drastic downturn in your engagements.

A dedicated email hosting reduces this risk with a separate IP for your emails. It’s quick and efficient in protecting your reputation as the sender.

Ensure your email remains untouched during host migration

Ensure your email remains untouched during host migration

Migrating to another web host is inevitable — and fairly easy. Transferring databases and files can only take minutes, especially if you have SSH access from your present to future web hosting provider.

It’s a different story for emails. Migration often depends on the availability of the engineers who will process it for you. With a dedicated email host, you don’t need to worry about migrating your emails as well. Undoubtedly, it makes the best sense to have independent solutions for hosting and email service.

Allot more storage for your emails

Alot more storage for your emails_

The emails you send and receive, as well as your long list of contacts, will take up the same space as your website files. If you’re still starting online, it’s practical to keep them in the same space. Your web host’s storage may suffice for both to operate seamlessly.

But if you’re aiming to accommodate more traffic and hold more email campaigns, it’s necessary to expand your resources.

Signing up for an email hosting provider guarantees ample storage exclusive to your emails. Several email hosting options offer either megabyte or gigabyte storage per mailbox. Depending on your goals and needs, there are flexible hosting packages that allow customisable storage size to better suit your business.

Secure your email account better

Secure your email account better

Just as sharing the same resources and IP impacts your email, it’s no question that viruses and malware can get to your emails as well. These threats are detrimental to your brand. Hackers who get access to your email gain a direct line to your contacts. They can use your name to send fraudulent messages to your customers.

Dedicated email systems have better security installations. Features such as Two-Factor Authentication block unauthorised entry to your account.

Email hosting also equips your mail servers with industry-standard data encryption. This secures data being transferred to different servers and prevents the interception of confidential messages.

Get more from your email

If you want to get the most out of your emails, don’t consider emails as an afterthought or a mere add-on feature for your web hosting.

It’s important to acknowledge how you can leverage email to help you succeed online.

Utilise email as more than just a messaging platform. Run email campaigns that efficiently attract leads, boost conversions, and skyrocket revenues. Do all these and more with the best business email hosting.

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