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Alisha Shibli


May 7, 2020

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Earn from Home: 10 Business Ideas You Can Work On Today

Working from home has become the new normal. report shows that 87% of Singapore companies allow remote working for their employees. This makes them have one of the highest work from home population. 

Making a living from home requires a great deal of discipline and business sense. And one aspect that will define the course of your work-from-home business is creating a website. 

It’s your online identity that explains what you do and how you do it and serves as your online portfolio. 

Set a good online impression for your business. Get a suitable domain name and set up a professional website. 

Now, choosing the right niche for your remote business is also crucial. Mentioned below are smart business ideas you can choose from: 

10 Business Ideas to Make a Living From Home 

1. Writing and editing

Writing and editing

Businesses rely on writers and editors for their marketing collateral, web content, sales copies, press releases, and more. Even individuals, they hire writers to curate their resumes, scripts, case studies and essays. 

For instance, if you have experience in marketing or communications, you could work as a freelance content marketer. 

There are lots of freelancing portals to search for writing and editing jobs, like Upwork.

2. Home baking

Home baking

Do you have a knack for baking? It’s time to make this into a fruitful career. 

This business is in demand with younger people who are seeking for wholesome and fresh baked goods. In addition to this, weddings and corporate events make a profitable target customer as well 

Starting a YouTube channel on baking is also a great idea to amplify your online identity. You can teach to bake delicious cakes, pastries, croissants, etc. When you have a decent following, you can monetise from it too. 

3. Accounting services

Accounting services

Are you a qualified accountant? Turn it into a remote business. 

If you have previous experience as an in-house accountant, indicate it on your online portfolio to prove your expertise. 

There’s a wide range of accounting services you can offer, including bookkeeping, auditing, and payroll managementThis freelance niche may require stricter legal requirements compared to other work from home jobs. Make sure you adhere to all of them. 

4. Online tutoring

Are you an experienced educatorOr have a good level of knowledge in key fields, such as Mathematics, Science, Languages, etc.? Do online tutorial for children.  

They can be at any stage of their education, from elementary to those studying for their SATs. So it’s important to have flexible teaching skills. To create a solid customer base, build a trustworthy online reputation with a tutoring website. 

5. Podcasting


Podcasting is here to stay. A recent data shows that podcast listeners increased by 37.5% in three years. Take advantage of this vast audience. Talk about your passion or expertise over a microphone and earn from it. 

For example, if youre a backpacker, you can share your travel stories. Then provide something beneficial for your listeners, such as smart travel tips and reminders. 

It may not be easy to start your podcasting business and the competition can be tough. But it pays off once you learn the ropes, considering that the overhead cost is low. 

6. Personal training

Are you a licensed coach or an experienced fitness professional? Create one-on-one training programs and conduct them online on your website. 

You can teach yoga, meditation, strength training, Zumba, Pilates, and more. You can also give nutritional advice. 

Before you start, make sure to create a conducive workout space at home equipped with essential gym tools. 

7. Virtual assistance (VA)

Are you well-versed in personal assistance? Earn from it from the comfort of your home. 

With a home office complete with fast internet connection, and working laptop or desktop – your good to go. 

Your role as a virtual assistant is similar to that of a personal assistant. It involves managing executive affairs, such as planning events, scheduling meetings, answering calls and organising files. There are also VA jobs related to research and development. 

8. Online tech support 

Monetise on your technical skills on computer hardware and software. Build a home workshop for your tech support business. 

Widen your customer reach by promoting your business online. You can start with a website and work your online marketing strategies from there. Social media is also an effective platform to start with your brand awareness campaign and promotions. 

9. Audio and video editing

Audio and Video Editing

The popularity of vlogging, mini-series, and online documentaries means that there is a thriving market for audio and video editing services. If you have the skills and portfolio, working from home is a viable option.  

Earn as an audio editor for podcast productions and online radio shows. Or as a video editor for influencers and vloggers.  

10. Online translation

In the age of globalization, language enthusiasts are in high demand. Businesses are looking for translators to break language barriers and widen their market. 

If youre well-versed in speaking or writing more than one language, you can start a translation business and earn from home. 

The most in-demand languages are those with more speakers or a prominent international presence such as Spanish, Mandarin Chinese, and German. 

Final thoughts 

Thanks to the proliferation of technology, making a living from home has become easy. And if you want a thriving work from home business, kicking off your online marketing should be your priority. 

Start by creating a professional website. Use it to grow your online presence, promote your business to a wider audience and build industry connections.


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