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February 1, 2022

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5 Tips to Run an Effective Lunar New Year Campaign

Chinese New Year is one of the biggest annual celebrations around the world. The start of the holiday varies from year to year depending on the phase of the moon.

Such worldwide celebration is a great opportunity for businesses to strengthen customer relationships and build new ones. You can leverage digital resources to step up your marketing and help customers still feel festive at the comfort of their homes.

To help you craft Chinese New Year campaigns that are effective and empathetic, here are five key points to remember.

How to Do Chinese New Year Marketing Right

Provide value to your audience

Provide Value To Your Audience

Chinese New Year is not just about huge spends, it's also about getting back to the roots and an opportunity for the brand to show its values.

To connect with your audience on a deeper level, focus on providing value to your customers. Your customers will more likely to engage with your brand if it represents their pain points.

The past year has been tough for businesses and individuals alike. Campaigns that are geared towards adding value to customers will likely gain a positive reception. Aside from the usual promotions, you can provide helpful online tutorials or add-ons to your products and services.

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Feature the lucky symbols

Feature the lucky symbols

2022 is the Year of the Tiger. The Tiger occupies the third position in the Chinese Zodiac and stands for values like braveness, competitiveness, and confidence.

Make sure you don't only add the lucky symbol in your campaign but also create messaging aligned to these values. And don’t forget the traditional lucky symbols like the Neko cat, the dragon, and lanterns, and the lucky colours,  red, yellow, blue, and green.

Encourage user participation 

Encourage user participation

Marketing campaigns that drive user interaction are perfect for the festive season and are the most effective.

You can even get started through your social media accounts, giving you a wider marketThere are several apps like WeChat, TikTok, and Douyin you can use to tap into the local audience.

A great example of a successful Chinese New Year campaigns is the one by Michael Kors, which took full advantage of the short-video craze with its hashtag challenge. Its #citycatwalk campaign got around 30,000 user participation videos.

Get creative and empathetic

Get creative and empathetic

Gamification is a great method to get customers excited. This has been showcased time and again by several brands.

Alipay's famous Five Blessings campaign became a huge sensation with about 150 million people participants. The idea was simple: get users to scan good fortune characters they came across with while ordering and collect unique rewards.

If you have a website of your own, you can think of a similar approach to get more user interaction. But before revamping your site, make sure you have a capable web hosting that can easily run third-party themes and plugins. This ensures optimal user experience and a successful Lunar New Year campaign online! 


Focus on positivity

Focus on positivity

A festive time like Chinese New Year is an opportunity to spread warmth and happiness. Most brands tend to focus only on large discounts or sales during this time. But brands that stand out are those that capture the essence of the season.

Since the previous year was a tough one for everyone, your brand can consider providing gift vouchers with a small greeting as a token of appreciation to your customers.

Your special gift can be virtual and decked up with the red colour, which signifies wealth and prosperity in the Chinese culture. Its also a custom to gift each other with red envelopes or Ang Pao, which you can also apply to show gratitude towards your customers.

Grow your conversions this Chinese New Year

The Chinese New Year celebration this year will be digital and excitingIt’s still a great opportunity to run marketing campaigns that boost your customers’ trust and win new ones.

Make sure your campaign is all set up and foolproof. Remember the five key points above during the planning phase and even when making a last-minute assessment on your marketing campaign.

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