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January 29, 2018

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Why You Should Invest in an Email Marketing Software

When promoting products or services to potentials customers, email is by far one of the most versatile and cost-effective marketing strategies. Technology trends come and go, but email has been around for decades. 

Even with the growing prevalence of social media, email is still the best way to communicate and engage with customers. 

Email marketing allows brands to design targeted messages, making every interaction more personalised and meaningful. 

If you’re reading this article to know what email marketing has to offer for your business, then read on to get started. 

Get to Know the Different Email Marketing Methods

Get to Know the Different Email Marketing MethodsThere are different ways you can distribute your email message to customers. 

Here are different email marketing methods you can use: 

  • NewsletterIt is a great tool to keep followers and customers in the loop about your brand and the latest products or services you offer. A newsletter can be sent out on a predetermined schedule  whether daily, weekly or monthly. You can ask customers to sign up for your company newsletter by adding a visible opt-in form on your website, preferably after a customer purchased something, downloaded or read your free content. 
  • Email campaignWith email promotions, you can inform customers about your brand’s latest product launch, sales and other events.   
  • Transaction email: These are automatic notifications sent to customers after doing certain transactions like purchasing something from a site. 
  • Lead nurturing email: These types of email are distributed to prospect leads in the hope of converting them to a customer. 
  • Surveys: Get feedback from customers on things or ideas your business can improve on by sending them email surveys. 

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The Benefits of Using an Email Marketing Software

The Benefits of Using an Email Marketing SoftwareGrow your email list in a breeze

Using an email marketing software gives you access to pre-made signup form templates which you can customise to appeal to your target audience. 

With direct emails, you would need to design and automate these sign-up forms yourself, which could take time and money if you don’t have any background in web design. 

Create well-designed emails even with zero graphic design knowledge

Nowadays, most email marketing software already includes tons of email templates you can tweak according to your brand’s desired look. Even without any knowledge and experience in graphic design, it’s so easy to create professionally-designed emails in just a few minutes. 

Get real-time reports of your email marketing performance

Email marketing software comes with a smart analytics system to help you make better decisions on your next campaigns. This lets you monitor, measureand analyshow your email campaigns are performing. Such as, which emails are opened, bounced back, deleted before they are even read and which of these did customers actually clicked and bought something from.

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Best Email Marketing Automation Software for Your Biz

Best Email Marketing Automation Software for Your BizIf it’s your first time to venture into email marketing, choosing the best tool can be daunting with the abundant choices available in the market today. Don’t worry, we’ve been there and we will summarise just a few of the best platforms you can check out. 


ActiveCampaign is one of the most popular email marketing software right now with over 90,000 customers. 

Their platform offers ease of use and is budget-friendly. That’s why it’s ideal for small businesses or those who are just starting out to market their brand. Also, they offer security compliance certifications. 


Autopilot offers well-designed canvases that make email sequences look seamless and eye-pleasing. This lets you create emails with the right messaging and visuals for your target market. 

HubSpot Email Marketing Software

HubSpot offers a lot of great features. It lets you personalise your emails through drag-and-drop functionality and make sure they’re tailored to your various recipients of different demographics. You can also A/B test different versions of your email to see what would best appeal to your audience. 


Get greater control over how you would want your audience to engage with your emails. Omnisend is best known for its omnichannel functionalities which let you build targeted emails. This lets you provide a unique experience for your recipients. 


Get Response offers an all-in-one marketing solution designed specifically for large businesses. It has a Perfect Timing feature that allows you to predict the best time of the day when your subscribers are highly likely to open and click on the email based on their past actions. 

Amp up your email marketing

Even with the unpredictable nature of technology, email remains one of the most stable platforms that withstood time. It is a great channel to attract and engage your audience, helping you increase ROI for your business at the least possible cost. 

By growing your email list on any of the platforms we mentioned in this article, you can better reach your audience with beautiful and highly personalised email messages that resonate with your brand.

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