Top 5 Factors Clients look for in Creative Web Design Agencies
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August 20, 2021

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Top 5 Factors Clients Look for in Creative Agencies

How to choose a web design agency? 

It’s an important question for customers to have a good answer for. However, it’s just as crucial for web agencies to consider. 

Learning what your clients are looking for improves your agency’s chances of turning them into paying ones. Especially in this digitally-driven business landscape where every company go after an eye-catching, informative website that converts leads into customers. 

This explodes in demand for websites is matched by the number of agencies now competing for the most lucrative clients. Understanding the thought process of how clients choose a web design agency gives you the best chance of landing that next big project. 

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So, what are the top factors clients consider when hiring a web design agency? 

Comprehensive portfolio

Comprehensive PortfolioIt sounds simple, but the best way to impress potential clients is with an extensive portfolio of your great works. 

The top indicator for future work is what you have done in the past. Showing off your portfolio lets clients see the standard of work you are capable of. This will help them understand what the finished output would be like.  

For well-established agencies, this is a more straightforward task. They likely have years of projects to pick between, highlighting websites relevant to the current client they are trying to impress. 

But even if you’re a completely new agency, creating an excellent website for your agency can become the starting point for your portfolio. Get creative, make something that stands out, show potential clients that you know what you’re doing. 

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It’s impossible to cater for all the tastes and preferences of clients. An excellent idea for your portfolio is to include relevant data or analytics. So, whether you quote a percentage increase in site visits, greater engagement on the site, or an increase in conversions, with data, you get to show that your work works.


ReputationWhen it comes to your agency, clients aren’t just going to take your word. They are going to do their own research to see what other people say about you. With this in mind, you need to build up the reputation of your agency. 

Here are different ways for you to do that: 

  • Online reviews 
  • Feedback on social media 
  • Client testimonials 
  • Industry awards
  • Detailed case studies
  • Word of mouth 

Getting positive feedback from previous clients improves your agency’s credibility. In addition, your portfolio and the reputation it creates can become in-built marketing for your agency. 


ExpertiseHaving a niche focus puts your brand as an expert (not to mention that you can increase pricing for your services). 

Every client is different. They operate in different areas, have different target audiences, and have different approaches for reaching them. It only makes sense for web design agencies to identify their speciality – especially for startups. Doing so can also help you streamline your processes.  

Whether your team has a specific experience for websites in particular industries, but you might have a natural eye for fantastic visual design, perhaps you are experts in all things SEO. Whatever flavour of web design agency you are, it is imperative to make that clear to future clients.  

Effective communication process

Effective communication processCommunication between agencies and clients is not always the smoothest part of a project. There is an inherent disconnect between the business-oriented client and the highly tech-minded engineer.  

Clients come to experts like you to build them a great product. To do this successfully, you need developers who can communicate clearly and concisely without overwhelming clients with the technical stuff.  

To someone with no experience in the field, the difference between a quick fix and a complete overhaul of the codebase can seem arbitrary. That’s why you need to communicate what is possible and what isn’t, what will take days and what will take months to achieve. 

You can highlight communication strategies during your pitch with clients. But excellent communication is something you have to prove in practice. So, it’s vital that you have good communicators on your team to ensure nothing gets lost in translation. 

Transparent pricing and payment structure

Pricing and Payment StructureAt the end of the day, many clients decide how to choose a web design agency based on price. 

Figuring out the price range for the projects your agency works on is not a simple task. You need to balance making a profit while remaining competitive to attract new business. Understanding the marketplace you are operating in is essential. Researching your competition can give you a better idea of what your work is worth. 

As well as the overall price, the type of payment plans you offer plays a significant role in companies choosing you. Whether you are charging hourly, want a flat fee upfront, or are charging based on resource allocation, different companies look for different payment structures to fit their needs. 

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Gain more clients for your agency 

Having an in-depth understanding of your customers determines your success. Besides, they’re the ones who determine whether you should continue doing business or not at the end of the day. 

It’s time to bring your pitching strategy to the next level. Learn these 5 factors on how clients choose a web design agency to work with. 

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