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September 20, 2021

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FirstCom Solutions and Vodien’s Decade Strong Partnership

The second quarter of 2021 closed with around 367.3 million domain name registrations across all top-level domains (TLD). The figure includes a 3.8 million increase from the first quarter of the same year. This is hardly surprising. These unprecedented times, coupled with rising online demand, have made it crucial for businesses to transition their brand online.

However, getting a domain name is only a first step. You need more if you wish to grow and succeed digitally.

FirstCom Solutions has been in the business of helping agencies scale online with prime web development and digital marketing services. Get to know about them and how Vodien became a relentless partner to their continued success.

About FirstCom Solutions

About FirstCom Solutions

When the company began in 2010, FirstCom Solutions initially focused on providing telecommunication and domain hosting services. However, many of their customers found domains insufficient. Soon, requests poured in asking for their help in making a website. This inspired a service expansion that would later become a pivotal turning point for their company.

They started by adding merely business information on web pages to developing sophisticated ecommerce websites and web applications.

More than a decade later, FirstCom developed to become an award-winning enterprise. The company prides itself in being a one-stop go digital agency for a wide range of business needs. They now offer prime solutions in web development, digital marketing, content production, and brands strategy and development.

FirstCom’s founder, director, and CEO, Jim Giam, acknowledges Vodien as a significant part of their growth.

The Partnership

The Partnership

Every company is hungry for success. FirstCom and Vodien are two such names who take their fill by providing the best services.

For the last ten years, FirstCom has worked with Vodien to ensure smooth-sailing service delivery. Giam commends Vodien’s superior service quality, support, and good pricing – the top reasons why they have remained to be its industry partner for a decade.

Giam tips customers to divert their focus from their monthly traffic volume to the number of customers who fail to enter their website. This tests a website’s server and hosting quality.

Hence, instead of solely providing ample space, he stresses the importance of resources that accommodate traffic spikes. This includes sufficient RAM, high bandwidth, and strong processing power. These are things that Vodien has been able to provide FirstCom and its clientele consistently.

Aside from reliable resources, Vodien’s top tier support has also helped FirstCom strengthen customer relations. Vodien’s support team promptly tends to basic requests such as email or password resets. This immensely contributed to their productivity and enabled them to focus more on complex and technical requests.

Consistent high-quality service and thorough support became the propelling force behind their decade-long partnership success.

Partner up for success

FirstCom Solutions partnership with Vodien encompasses more than hosting services and customer support. Over the years, it grew to become a vital part of their growth. FirstCom rose at the top of its game backed by powerful resources and adept tech solutions.

Find yourself a partner rightful of a decade worth of trust. Scale online with a reliable name such as Vodien to provide you with the solutions and support you need.

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