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October 20, 2023

Business Continuity 3 min read

A Free Business Email Could Be Harmful to You — Here’s Why

A free business email is the free lunch we all get but shouldn't choose. If you are a small-scale business, it can be tempting to opt for a free email service and call it a day — a big mistake.

For starters, as your business scales, you run the risk of falling into a phishing scam or, worse, getting flagged as spam in your customer's inbox.

In this guide, we will deep-dive to understand how using a free business email can actually hurt your business. Let's dive in.

4 Drawbacks of Free Business Email You Must Know About

Wondering what are the flip sides to using a business email for free?

Here are four disadvantages of using free business email:

1. Your Business Will Never Be Taken Seriously

Using a free business email address, such as Gmail or Yahoo, lacks the branding and professionalism associated with a custom domain. Free email addresses may raise concerns about your commitment to your business, as they are readily available and require no investment.  

They can also be seen as less secure and more susceptible to hacking, potentially compromising sensitive business information.  

Furthermore, they may lead potential clients or partners to question the legitimacy of your enterprise, as custom domains are a standard practice in the business world. It's essential to invest in a professional email address that reflects your company's identity and dedication. 

2. You Will Have Trouble Retrieving Lost Emails

Every customer email that flies into your inbox is a treasure trove of information — you can get insights into their behaviour, habits, likes, preferences, and more.

As a business, you may receive hundreds of emails every day -- some inquiring about a new product launch, replies from potential investors, customers responding to a feedback survey you sent, and so on.

But what happens if you somehow end up deleting your emails? It's a cause for worry and panic, right?

The biggest problem with free business emails is no customer support for any kind of technical troubleshooting. So, if you want the superpower of retrieving lost data, including emails, a paid email service plan is a safer route.

3. Your Messages Might Land in the Spam Folder.

Over 333 billion e-mails were sent and received globally in 2022. This is projected to increase to 392.5 billion daily by 2026.

Considering how customers are literally bombarded with emails every day, your business email's chances of landing in the customer's spam folder are incredibly high.

In fact, research indicates that "69% of email recipients report emails as spam after reading the subject line."

Investing in a professional ID will keep you out of that dreaded spam folder and communicate with your customers successfully.

4. You Have to Deal with Distracting Advertisements

Here's a lesser-known fact: Free email service providers scan the contents of your email so they can send targeted ads to your web browser and mobile.

The clutter of ads in your email makes it harder to find and organise your emails efficiently. This might cause you to miss out on important emails. These ads can also erode user privacy, as they often rely on tracking technologies to display targeted advertisements based on your personal information and online behavior.

This is probably why Google too has stopped scanning emails to show you ads.

Why You Need a Premium Email Account

Non-essential is a strict no-go for smaller businesses for obvious reasons. But your professional email ID should not be considered cosmetic or an add-on. Here's why:

  • It builds credibility and trust with your brand as it lends an air of seriousness to the customers at large.
  • It boosts brand resonance as it doubles as a free word-of-mouth publicity medium every time you push the send button.
  • It helps protect sensitive customer data as the content is not used for ad monetization.
  • Finally, you will have an entire team at your beck and call to support you during technical difficulties and common issues.

Trust Vodien for Your Professional Email Needs

If you think using a free business email sounds too good to be true, well, it is. While there's no harm in using the free email plan for personal purposes, it might cost you your business.

Email service providers like Vodien will provide you with essential features to elevate your email experience and secure your email communication. This includes the flexibility to set up your email on any device and advanced email filters to ensure spam protection.

Don’t let a free business email put your security (and image) at risk. Up your email game with Vodien’s Email Hosting plans today.

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