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September 28, 2021

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The Best Ways to Generate More Leads for Your Tech Enterprise

Nothing is so contagious as enthusiasm.” – Samuel Taylor Coleridge.  

Solid, promising leads are the bedrock of any tech company’s sale strategy. True to the quote above, leads never fall into place themselves; they need to be pursued and sought after enthusiastically. Tech companies, in particular, may find it harder to generate leads since they may be trying to showcase information and offerings that are too complicated for leads to understand. Another reason is that it is effortless for tech companies to cast a wide net in terms of target audience and marketing.   

A tech company’s strategy to generate leads must be robust, proactive, and should focus on the right channels at all times. The following are eight-pointers that help with just that.

8 Ways to Get More Inbound Leads for Your Tech Company

8 Ways to Get More Inbound Leads for Your Tech Company

Optimize your website

Irrespective of what you are trying to sell, your website will see a large chunk of visitors interested in your product/service. Therefore, it is essential to have an SEO-optimized website, mobile-friendly, has attractive landing pages, and aligns with your company’s offerings and ideals.

Organize webinars and other interactive events

Organize webinars and other interactive events

Webinars are an excellent way for tech companies to get in touch with their customers and generate solid leads. Not only does it help you grow your business and expand your network, but you will also be able to impart knowledge and information about your business and its related aspects to prospective customers.

Get on social media and make your online presence mobile-friendly

A social media presence is irreplaceable in the times we live in. With more and more web traffic coming in through mobile phones and devices, making your online presence entirely mobile-friendly is crucial to attracting leads. Get on platforms like LinkedIn and showcase your offerings to build your network and, as a result, your list of quality leads as well.

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Work with influencers

Work with Influencers

Influencer marketing is one of the most popular marketing strategies out there today.  

Influencers such as content creators, bloggers, artists, and many followers enjoy access to a vast audience. With influencer marketing, you can make the most of their popularity by entering into marketing contracts with them to get them to promote your products. This makes it easier for users to accept and trust your product offerings.

Offer free trials of your product/service

The best way to get potential customers acclimated with your offerings is to offer free trials for limited periods.  

Everybody loves a free trial. Not only does this attract more potential customers to try out your product or service, but it also helps you generate reliable leads of interested users who are willing to pay for your product. The feedback you will collect from those who have enjoyed your free trial is valuable and helps you better understand your customer base.

Conduct surveys and collect feedback

Conduct surveys and collect feedback

A survey is a straightforward tool that helps you gauge customer satisfaction and generate leads simultaneously. Ask questions about how likely the respondents are to refer your product or service to others and also allow them to share contacts and names with you. This will certainly help you expand your list of potential customers.

Build a referral program

Never let your good work go unheard of. Your existing customers are one of the essential weapons in your marketing arsenal, and you must use them to spread the word about your business.  

Building a solid referral program will allow your customers who are happy with your services to bring you more leads and at the same time receive incentives from your business for their efforts.

Opt for a well-rounded marketing strategy

Opt for a well-rounded marketing strategy copy

Video marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing are just a few aspects of a well-rounded marketing strategy.  

Employing these in different capacities will help you cover all your bases while showcasing your product before your target audience. You may also consider other techniques, such as using product comparisons to highlight your product’s superiority.

Get the leads your tech company deserves!

Tech companies have unique challenges while marketing and generating leads, but none of these is impossible to overcome.  

While designing a marketing strategy, following the above tips and techniques bring loads of reliable leads that a proactive and efficient sales team can capitalize on. Remember that there is no replacement for human interaction. Having more conversations with more people about your business is the best and simplest way to develop your network and gain more inbound leads.

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