January 5, 2015

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Getting Started With Genealogy on the Web

The study of genealogy involves delving into the recesses of personal family history to learn about ancestors from a variety of eras.

By researching genealogy, you can learn fascinating and intricate details about deceased family members, including birth dates, where they were born, where they lived throughout their lives, who they married, the children they had, and when they died.

The Internet can be an invaluable resource for researching genealogy because many local municipalities and states make genealogical records available. Genealogical records include birth, marriage, and death certificates; draft cards; archived city directories; and U.S. census records.

Local libraries are an ideal place to begin searching for family history information because many libraries keep archives available for patron perusal.

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Wisconsin Local and County Histories

The Wisconsin Historical Society offers a search resource that includes the 72 counties located in the state of Wisconsin. Researchers can search the database and access documents for download and/or print.

Start Your Genealogy Research

Explore the National Archives website for assistance with genealogy research. The online database includes census records and immigration records available for review.

Paths to Your Past

The National Genealogical Society offers a video with information about researching genealogy and suggestions for getting started.

Starting Your Family History

The Allen County Public Library has published a guide for genealogy research, including information about getting started with research into family history.

Start With What You Know

The Daughters of the American Revolution assist people with genealogy research, suggesting that the first place to start is with the information already known about family history.

Getting Started

Getting started can be the most difficult step in beginning to research family history. The Genealogy Today website offers assistance with using the Internet for family research.

Genealogical Research

Researchers conducting genealogy research in the state of Illinois can use these resources to find and request information, including birth and death records.

Genealogy Techniques

PBS offers assistance with genealogy research, including tips and guidance for how to conduct research into extended family history.

Genealogy Resources

Receive information provided by the Houston Public Library for genealogy research, including newspaper archives, a Civil War database, and access to more than 10 million obituaries.

Get Started Researching Your Family History

A genealogy project often begins at a local library because many libraries offer genealogical information to help patrons research family history.

Family History and Genealogy

The U.S. government offers links and resources for genealogy research to assist researchers with delving into family history.

Genealogy and Local History

The Newberry provides access to an extensive genealogical library to assist researchers. Utilize online research tools and explore publications designed to guide researchers through the process.

The USGenWeb Project

Find a state-by-state database of genealogical information and resources on this site.


Prepare for Your Research Trip to the History and Genealogy Unit

This guide provides tips and instruction for conducting genealogical research using maps, archives, and databases.

Genealogy Tips

The Statue of Liberty-Ellis Island Foundation provides assistance with genealogical research to help people find information about family history.

Genealogy: How Does the Process Work?

Researchers might utilize resources provided by the USCIS Genealogy Program to learn about immigration and naturalization records of deceased family members.

Nationwide Grave Site Locator

The National Cemetery Administration provides a grave site locator tool, which researchers can use to find nationwide information about grave sites located within the United States.

A Guide to Tracing American Indian and Alaska Native Ancestry

The U.S. Department of the Interior provides information about the ancestry of American Indians and Native Alaskans to assist genealogists with family research.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints maintains and provides access to an extensive collection of genealogy information about people of all faiths.

Genealogy Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Utilize resources provided by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to locate family history information within the state of Wisconsin.

Genealogy Research Resources

The Vermont Historical Society assists researchers with information about family history that occurred within the state of Vermont.

HeritageQuest Online

Multnomah County Library offers the HeritageQuest research tool to find ancestry information dating back to 1790. You can also download information you find.

Tips for Locating Genealogical Resources in the Library of Congress Online Catalog

Explore genealogy and research tips and guidelines provided by the Library of Congress to help you conduct Internet searches for historical family information.

Genealogy Research at the Library of Michigan and the Archives of Michigan

Genealogists researching Michigan resident history can utilize Library of Michigan online resources or the brick-and-mortar Library of Michigan.

Genealogy Records and Resources

The New York State Department makes information available for genealogy researchers, including vital records from 1881 onward.


Genealogical Research

Learn the basics of genealogy research with information provided by the U.S. Department of the Interior, including suggestions for where to find information and tools to use to find it.

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