April 18, 2023

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Google Bard and Other ChatGPT Rivals: How AI Changes the Game for Businesses

One of every business’ goals is to streamline its operations in serving its customers. This is because customers come back for more when they’re satisfied with the service. And, one way to streamline your operations is by using chatbots. 

But how do chatbots work? 

Chatbots can help you save time and resources when used properly. Read further on how you can use this to your advantage. 

How Can Chatbots Improve Customer Service? 

how can chatbots improve customer service

Here are the various reasons why you should use AI chatbots for your business: 

  1. They’re available 24/7
    Your customers may come from different parts of the world and may be awake by the time you go to sleep. Hence, you need a chatbot that can answer their queries 24/7 no matter what time it is and where they are based. 
  2. They can be available on different channels
    Chatbots can be deployed on various channels like your main website and Facebook. The more channels that your chatbots are available, the more customers it can serve. 
  3. They can answer in different languages
    Chatbots can be trained to answer in different languages. This makes it easier for customers to ask questions, accurately and comfortably, in their mother tongue. 
  4. They can handle multiple customers at the same time
    Trained agents can handle between two to five chats at the same time. But with a chatbot, it can handle more than that. This is because of the automated responses they can give to the customer. With this convenience, agents can now focus on more important tasks. 
  5. Their responses can be personalised
    Despite being AI, chatbots can still maintain a natural-sounding or casual tone when conversing with customers. They can also use your customers’ name in conversations—just like talking with an actual person. 

What Are Google Bard and ChatGPT? 

Google Bard and ChatGPT are both AI chatbots. Ask them a question and they’ll provide you with an answer. They can provide you with relevant information regarding the query you have put in. Aside from asking questions, you can also have them create an itinerary for you, give you recipes, summarise meetings, create outlines for an article you’re writing, and more.  

If you’re wondering how much chatbot costs, they’re usually free. But ChatGPT also offers ChatGPT Plus, with rates starting at $20 per month. The premium subscription offers access to peak times, priority access to the latest features, and quicker response times. 

But how do Google Bard and ChatGPT differ from each other? Let’s delve deeper into their differences. 

Google Bard AI Vs ChatGPT 

Here are the key differences between the two chatbots: 

ChatGPT  Bard 

Language Model: 

ChatGPT uses GPT 3.5 (Generative Pre-training Transformer 3.5) to respond to user queries. 

Language Model: 

Bard uses LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) to respond to user queries. 

Data sources: 

ChatGPT obtains its data from Wikipedia, books, documents, and other articles with the cutoff year of 2021. This limits the updated information that they can give to the user. 

Data sources: 

Bard uses the internet in real-time to provide responses to the users.  

ChatGPT can create codes for websites and can even do debugging.
Bard is still in the process of learning how to code.

ChatGPT can understand and communicate in various languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Italian, Japanese, French, Arabic, and Korean. 


Bard can only understand and communicate using the English language. 

How do AI Tools Impact Different Industries? 

  1. Healthcare Industry
    Medical professionals can use chatbots to schedule appointments, handle claims, analyse symptoms, get patients’ info, look for the nearest healthcare services, and so on. This can lessen the workload of healthcare professionals, at least at the assessment stage. 
  2. Human Resource
    With hundreds of applicants that human resources accommodate weekly, chatbots can streamline their workload by assisting with candidate screening, managing referrals from their employees, conducting satisfaction surveys, and more.  
  3. Travel Industry
    Before, travelers usually visit or contact travel agencies to book flights and accommodations. But with chatbots, they no longer have to leave their houses as the chatbot can do it for them. Aside from these, travelers could also check other information such as the climate, transportation, travel insurance, and more — all in one platform. 
  4. Banking Industry
    Chatbots can assist with queries regarding personal banking, sending notifications and alerts, customer service, and many more. With this, customers don’t need to go to the bank for simple questions; thus, saving the time of the banking agents.  
  5. Logistics
    With lots of online stores operating today, you’d want to know the whereabouts of your parcel. Chatbots can help your customers track their parcels, file complaints, and request returns. 

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